Midlife at 22. So much for my 45th birthday

While looking for Icelandic Reggae music I came across my old Myspace page. Reading back I realised two things. My God I’m an arse and secondly, how the hell did I not have a stress induced stroke. Realising this questions started racing through my head.

Did that Fat charv read my blog and go on a diet?

Did that bus driver end up killing himself? and did that twat in the Vauxhall get laid?

More importantly what happened to me? I appear to have slipped into a coma of content a routine so monotonous it’s outlawed by the Geneva convention, don’t get me wrong things still piss me off and I’m determined to finally solve what makes us stupid (Ant and Dec seem to be the gatekeepers to the answer)

Has things worked out how I wanted them, sure Sunderland University (HAH!) have seriously fucked that one up but thats the price of going to a University in a city composed of neanderthals and gobshite 8 year olds. Speaking of which, how many kids have fucking rattails or mullets. Its like a Rod Stewart village of the fucking damned.

At what point did I decide to just live in a world of repetation, getting up, going on the internet, eating then bed, when did I decide to just exist and to not Live, when did I decide that Pubs are more me and not the fast paced thrill ride that is a night clubbing in sunderland.

You may be thinking *Yawn* who cares or the more caring of you will be thinking “You got all that from Myspace, All i got off there was epilepsy from the shitty profiles?”

Well it wasn’t all Myspace. Last night I was on the Xbox with a mate from College and I haven’t had that much fun in years. It reminded me of who I was, the type of person who goes online been part 2 of 3 of the clan Paedos ‘R’ Us shout at Americans then leave.

So I’ve decided to become the offensive Brash lovable gobshite who has an opinion of everything that people loved so much and not this middle aged coma patient who is living his own personal version of Groundhog day.

Mid-midlife over. Bring on the rage!
Izzy may have escaped finding me dead from a stroke, Lets see if Kat does.


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