Why Politicians don’t get the internet.

If you are not aware it’s election time in the UK. The few weeks when Parliament is no more and the country runs smoother than it normally does, it is also the time when MP’s live without expense thus earning them the right to claim that ‘they know how you feel.’

Your main choices this year are the energetic Gordon Brown, the Charming and Intelligent Cameron or the world famous master of Illusion Nickenct Cleble. Currently we’ve had arguments over National Insurance, VAT, and Twitter.

One thing that is going to decide this election is how well the 3 parties utilise social media. Although some MP’s like John Prescott who has used it quite wisely for his Go4th campaign. Also Nick Clegg and Vince Cable have used it well and, unlike most well known people, will even follow you so they can see what you think about the election or even just to read about that epic crap you just took.

Another thing the parties have realised is if you release a photo or poster, we will take the piss mercilessly for example look at all the mock ups of the David Cameron Poster. The big parties have now jumped on the bandwagon for example Labours “Don’t let him take us back to the 80’s” poster is of Gene Hunt sitting on the bonnet of the Quattro with “just call me Dave’s” head on it.
The Conservatives then ‘mocked’ up the poster to say “Fire up the Quattro it’s time for change”
What is amusing about this is they brought these posters out the same day they anally raped photographers and internet users by shoving the Digital Economy bill through saying copyright infringer’s will have their internet cut if they get caught.

Guess what!

Neither party asked the copyright holder of the original image therefore they should have the internet cut off. *Edit: It also turns out the Conservatives have used a Keane song to launch their manifesto without consulting the band. Strike two!*

The conservatives seem to have taken the doctoring lightly but have tried in turn to make it a part of their campaign they are asking for good doctoring submissions of Labour posters and their Maoist manifesto cover. They haven’t realised the joke was on them instead they seem to be begging for mockery.

Social media is also showing people how the three sides are fighting the campaign in what MP describes as the “Pipes of the internet” The Conservatives are updating you on where they are and what they are doing, Labour is just attacking the Tories without putting forward alternatives and the Lib Dems are putting policy out there while offering alternatives to the policies of the other 2 parties.

Facebook the social gathering place of crappy groups about pictures and poo is the site of the Democracy UK group. This is a brilliant idea in my eyes, as it gets the Internet Generation involved in politics. It also has a section where you can register to vote.
Granted as with the rest of the Internet you have the 30 year old Socialist and NWO nuts but they’re easy to ignore.

One thing I have overlooked is the role the Internet is playing in the spread of the far right. However that is for another Blog entry. In the meantime please check out United Shades of Britain on the internet

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