Why we have to be more worried about been overrun by twats in 30 years than Muslims

Mass immigration policies pursued by both Labour and Conservative parties have caused English-speaking children to become a minority in 1,500 schools in Britain and if left unchecked, will see British people reduced to an absolute minority within 30 years.

According to a new report issued by the Department for Children, Schools, and Families, more than half the pupils in 1,284 primary schools, 210 secondary schools and 51 special schools across England now come from a “non-English speaking background.”

The first part was reported in August of last year after the Department for Children, Schools and Families released a report saying there were 866 schools in England where more than 50% of pupils had English as a second language. By 2009 this figure had climbed to 1,545 schools, a rise of 78 per cent.”
However A DCSF spokesman stressed that the figures ‘only indicate the language to which the child was initially exposed at home, irrespective of whether they speak English fluently later on. It is only a relatively few recent arrivals for whom communication problems are acute.’ It seems the BNP overlooked that part (Funnily enough the only newspaper that included that was the Daily Mail)

According to the report, one in seven — almost 500,000 — primary pupils and just over one in ten, or 364,000, secondary students do not speak English as their first language.

Birmingham has 116 schools where more than 50 percent of pupils have English as a second language, while in Bradford the figure is 60, Leicester 34, Manchester 33, Lancashire 30, and Kirklees 30.

That bit is copied almost verbatim from the telegraph story.

The new statistics confirm earlier research by BNP News which revealed that if the current Tory/Labour immigration policies are only checked but not reversed, Britain is set to be completely overrun by the Third World within 30 years.

I have a sneaky suspicion this 30 year claim stems from the Youtube video widely viewed that claims that Muslims will be the majority in Europe, widely debunked here:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8189231.stm

The BNP research revealed that:

– According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), legal Third World immigrants made up 14.7 percent (7.5 million) of the population of England in 2004.(1)

Slightly misleading here the source quoted actually says “People of a non-‘White British’ ethnic group comprised 14.7 per cent of the population of England at mid-2004” The number is only for those who Identify themselves as ‘White British’ and not ‘White other’ ‘British Asian’ etc. The full numbers are:

White (other) 3,096,169 5.27%
Indian 1,053,411 1.8%
Pakistani 977,285 1.6%
White Irish 691,232 1.2%
Mixed race 677,117 1.2%
Black Caribbean 565,876 1.0%
Black African 485,277 0.8%
Bangladeshi 283,063 0.5%
Other Asian (non-Chinese) 247,644 0.4%
Chinese 247,403 0.4%
Other 230,615 0.4%
Black (others) 97,585 0.2%

– According to the ONS, 10.9 percent (or 6.7 million) of the currently resident population of Britain was not born in this country.(2)

First of all that should read ‘were not born’ not ‘was not born’ I wonder if the person who wrote this went to one of those schools from the first point.

Secondly a report from the ‘Centre of Economic Performance’ states that: “12.5% of the UK’s working age population was born abroad, up from around 8% in 1995. There are now 4.3 million adults of working age in the UK who were born abroad.” and Over the same period, the UK-born population of working age grew by a similar amount, from 29.6 million

to 31.2 million. The Article the BNP used as a source also points out that the number has risen over 20 years and the CEP report says that Poland is the biggest contributer of working age immigrants with the US in 2nd. The ONS report includes babies born overseas to UK citizens as ‘born abroad’ distorting the numbers somewhat.
However the last solid figure we have is the 2001 census that stated the foreign born population was 8.3% that figure has gone up by 27.7% from 2001 however even in 2001 it was just over double what it was in the 1950’s
The countries of origin however paint a different picture than the one of Brown people flooding us: (First column is total population and the 2nd column is the 2008 estimate.)
United Kingdom 53,923,642 N/A
533,901 415,000
India 467,634 625,000

Pakistan 321,167 437,000
Germany 266,136 281,000 (a large portion are thought to be German-born children of British military personnel)
United States 158,434 182,000

– In 2005, the ONS issued a separate report which said that 36 percent of all births in England and Wales were not “white British.”(3)

The report also said that determining that fact was difficult as the information on ethnicity is not collected on registration of a birth. White British accounts for 64.4% of all births (418,000) with Pakistani 2nd with 3.7% (24,000) I think you will agree that it is a pretty big gap between them and that it clearly shows we are not going to be overrun.

– This 2005 birth rate figure does not include births to second and third generation immigrant mothers. Figures released by the ONS in January 2009 revealed that the Muslim population in Britain has grown by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in just four years. Their population multiplied 10 times faster than the rest of society.(4)

I fail to see what births to 2nd and 3rd generation mothers has to do with anything. The Muslim birthrate argument is brought out all the time by the BNP et al. However as I wrote some time ago:

“Although I can start you off by reading this article from the BBC

although for a simpler Breakdown try the Snopes page (uses the BBC but is less cluttered) and also contains the video.


It addresses some of the claims made on a Youtube Video, which seem to be used by some in the EDL, BNP etc.

Although to make it easier and for those who think we’re going to be “Overrun” by muslims the Video claims 90% of European population growth has been through Muslim immigration, whereas the total growth was ~85% in 2005 but it doesn’t classify immigration by religion and as this coincides with the influx of East Europeans.

Also Predictions for the total amount of Muslims in the UK have it at around 2 million up from 1.6 so that’s only 400,000 more.

Whereas the 2001 census had the number of Christians (All Denominations) at 42.07 Million Bearing in mind that there is a 40 million gap between them it’s safe to assume that if the Muslim population continues to increase it will be Generations before it overtakes the amount of Christians if at all. Unless the amount of Christians drops dramatically, (Church figures are dropping but many still regard themselves as Christian)

Using this information and the idea of a Muslim majority within our lifetime (70 Years approx) It is clear there will be no shift, we have Youtube to blame for all this.”

– An August 2008 ONS population report stated that, on average, ‘foreign’ women have 2.5 children each, rising to 3.9 for those from Bangladesh and almost five for Pakistani women.(5) When these figures are added in, the immigrant birth rate is estimated to be around 50 percent of all live births in England and Wales.

Well seeing as I have just shown your figures to be wildly inaccurate it is safe to say this is a moot point. However this echoes a claim made in the youtube video I mentioned above to show how that conclusion was made and debunked please see the 2 bbc links.

– The majority of the “new immigrants” are not from Eastern Europe, as is often widely claimed. According to the ONS figures, immigrants from Eastern Europe had 25,000 children in Britain last year — an absolute minority of the just over 700,000 live births.(6)

I can’t think of many people who though the Majority of Immigrants were from Eastern Europe. However if you look at the BBC link it states that the Total births were 700,000 BUT

of those 700,000 only 170,000 were to foreign mothers. When you put it in context it looks less scary. Also the ONS numbers include those who have given birth and have returned to their country of origin.

– According to the Birmingham City Council, 61 percent of all primary school children in greater Birmingham are of Third World origin. (7)

Again the BNP are equating that anything other than White British is 3rd world, also the article cited says it is 40% not 60.

– Over 300 languages are currently spoken in London schools. Some of the most established of these are Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Cantonese, Mandarin and Hokkien. (8)

Point? London is where most immigrants go to first and settle in the area. I know our Nick has a thing about London not being British anymore (Look for his reaction to the QT debacle)

Again it seems to insinuate (With some backing from the points earlier) that English is the second Language, I Learnt French at school and German at university meaning in my house French and German are common languages. Again apples and oranges.

– Some 150 languages are spoken in schools in Reading, an indication of the extent of the invasion in Berkshire. (9)

Oh be quiet, Invasion? Surely your cadre of “No Surrender” and the mongs who parade around carrying guns going “Waiting for the next Muzzie to drop” would have done something about it? The Sun actually hit the nail on the head when it wrote that many have different words for the same language, also the BNP seem to forget that Kids pick up languages remarkably quick so many will be fluent English speakers as well as retaining their native tongue.

All these statistics taken together show that the non-British ethnic population is increasing in number exponentially, and given current immigration and birth rates, will utterly overwhelm the indigenous population of Britain within the next 30 years.

All these statistics taken together show that the non British ethnic population is increasing in numbers consistent with other countries and given current immigration and birthrates will never utterly overwhelm the “White British” population of Britain within the next 30, 60 1000 years.

My Sources:



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