In which there was an election, a Riot and a shooting

Ok so it’s been a busy few months over in Media-land.

Firstly the election came and went, to me the whole situation was like a poor one night stand. You start off optimistic it ends badly and Nick Robinson spends 4 days sifting through the Wreckage
“And How was it for you? Do you think a coalition effort is out of the window?”
So we are now a month into the administration of Dick Clamberon (Apologies to Alastair Campbell for nicking that) and we’ve had an expenses scandal an ever increasing economy nosedive. New politics indeed. Well if you had Alztheimers it would be.
What was more spectacular was the sheer volume of airtime it got. We were treat to overhead shots of Number 10, the Cabinet office, Whitehall and parliament square (Scene of the best Prescott moment until HIGNFY) telling some gobby cow to shut up, idle speculation more specualtation and more opinions pushed onto us. They had managed to spend the night of the election saying that the PM would have first dibs on a coalition to making him seem like Hitler in Downfall (Complete with parodies)
More recently there was the shooting in Cumbria by taxi driver Derrick Bird. Now having been to Cumbria I can say that the area could use tourists but the flock of ghouls who have descended on the area is quite simply creepy, couple this with the Media’s fixation on it and you have the most interesting analysis of how fucked we are if we believed everything we read.
Right now the BBC complement their articles with a photo of Mr Bird with the facial expression of Pvt. Pile in full metal jacket, as if to remind us of the heinous acts he committed and to suggest he was a crazed psychotic not a descent bloke who just couldn’t take it any more. What is more uncomfortable was ITN’s report on Friday of Mr Bird featuring home footage of him relaxing on holiday (as you do) complete with a VO saying “His face not giving any indication of the horror he’s about to bring” OF COURSE NOT. It’s quite clear he didn’t plan on doing this 3 years ago. It’s probable he didn’t think of doing it 3 hours before doing it. It’s not like Hitler was walking around in 1917 with “I will kill Jews” written on his forehead.
Now I admit I think we could take lessons from what happened and the importance that good people go bad, however what merit was showing holiday footage going to do? it simply catered for the ghouls who rub one out watching things like the Human Centipede or the beheaing videos on Al Jazeera. W
What we have to ask ourselves is where do we draw the line? are we still going to be treat to pictures of him in his living room with captions like “the sky blue curtains giving no indication of his terrible deeds” after that we should see a drop in sales of sky blue curtains because they were indicative of our hidden maniac…..

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