Are you ready for some midtermzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So it’s election day in the US, what’s that I hear you say “Already” yes. Thanks to the brilliance that is the US Constitution every 2 years there’s a vote. This time up for grabs is the entire House of Representatives led by the the Son’a from Star Trek:Insurrection and 1/3 of the Senate led by Droopy’s slower Brother Harry Reid. Along with a few Gubernatorial races.
Nancy Pelosi

Today also marks D-Day for that bunch of patriotic chancers known as the Tea Party. Yes everyone’s favourite sunshine coach party have had a string of good luck this year. First their preferred candidate for the Senate seat in Delaware (Previously occupied by VP Biden) beat out the Republicans favourite Mike Castle by over 3540 votes, a move which former evil one turned Pundit Karl Rove said “Cost us the Delaware seat. So what is it about Christine O’Donnell that turned Delaware from a solid red to a cool blue?

Christine O’Donnell it transpires is a certified Lunatic who makes Sarah Palin seem “Book smart”. First she was vehemently against the simple joys a man has by grabbing onto his Johnson and having a bit of a fumble saying:

“The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can’t masturbate without lust.”

 Wow that has to beat the crap out of Jimmy Carter’s “Committed lust in my heart” quote. Not satisfied with alienating every computer nerd and teenager she then claimed to have “dabbled in witchcraft” and more surprisingly asked on a national debate where in the constitution the separation of church and state is. I’ll give her a hint. It’s #1 on the Bill of rights.
However my favourite bit of crazy came in September this year when someone found a clip from 2007’s O’Reilly factor where she claimed:

“They are — they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they’re already into this experiment.”

You might be thinking now “Surely everyone can see she is a joke” and you’d be right, however the BBC forgot that part and instead yesterday ran a 5 minute segment on a 30 minute show profiling O’Donnell mentioning only once that she was “trailing in the polls”…. Really you call a 10 point Deficit “trailing” I bet you think Reagan “Narrowly beat Mondale in 1984” (Mondale only won one state, his own) So O’Donnell seems to be history by this time tomorrow.

Like I said at the Beginning the Tea Party have had a string of luck with O’Donnell ultimately being the big winner (Because let’s face it she’ll be working for Fox by tea time tomorrow) but they also have had other good things, not least the rather large turn out to the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor by being a giant twat” rally in August and many other rallies around the country. 
Yet the stink of it’s obviously racist ties are going to drag the party down, it’s lack of clear vision, the inanity of it’s followers and the resulting defeats it seems to be expecting tonight mean that the Party may be over by 0300UT tomorrow.

As for the rest of the Republican party preliminary polling has them regaining the House of Representatives but the Democrats will retain control of the Senate which for a US Junkie like me is exciting since it would be the first time since 1931.

The Democrat fightback has been rather slow with the most action happening in the last week or so, which saw President Obama sit down with Jon Stewart (First President to do so) and saw him defend not only his record but himself from the accusation that he has been “Timid” since he was elected 2 years ago. This was an obvious attempt to get the 18-25 voters out and voting since they are the demographics the Democrats need to energise if they are to stand. Hopefully they will.


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