Have we really dumbed down this much?

All I learnt from that is don’t trust the retarded with power tools and you can’t get a car into a suitcase

So last Thursday while waiting for ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’ on BBC I was watching something called ‘Secrets of the Universe’ which claimed to be a science show. WRONG.

The problem I see with science programmes is they are either too complex for most people to understand or they are too ‘Dumbed down’ for example ‘Atom’ while a brilliant book and a brilliant show it could become a bit of a struggle for people who either don’t know much science or are casual viewers. Even the BBC’s ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ (and here is where I get unpopular) was dumbed down to an extent.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the show and Brian Cox is a brilliant communicator but I’ve read his other books and listened to the ‘infinite monkey cage’ so I know his other work but this being BBC Prime-time the corporation too scared to alienate anyone made the show “middle of the road stuff.” The Background music was too loud and In my opinion it overused CGI and had it in places where we have pictures of the actual thing  which is far more awe inspiring than something done on Photoshop.

So back to “Secrets”, one word, appalling. BBC3 is the dumping ground for dreck. It is to entertainment as Ben Elton is to Comedy. I know ‘Bang goes the Theory’ is accused of being dumbed down (In my mind it’s aimed at teens and children so I watch but rarely comment) but “Secrets” was dumbed down to a level of pure stupidity, the “Palin Level” if you will. To demonstrate the “Goldilocks zone” (The area in a planetary system where surprise surprise, it isn’t too hot or too cold for liquid water to be present) he had 3 bath tubs, yes you can see where this is going. One was filled with boiling water to which our simple host then proceeded to stick body parts in exclaiming “Wow that’s hot” another filled with ice which was too cold and one that was just right. Why he had to do it in a field of cows adds to the frustration of “my License fee pays for this!” The Big Ben chiming 13 demonstration was OK I guess but Captain Scarlett did it so much better. The rest was just as depressing as the goldilocks demonstration. Take the Big Bang, quite simply the biggest mind boggling event outside of Quantum Theory was demonstrated by trying to fit a Ford into a suitcase. All I learnt from that is don’t trust the retarded with power tools and you can’t get a car into a suitcase.

Why is it that there isn’t just a “good Science show?” Horizon is like the OAP at the home who’s machine is on the Fritz, Tomorrows world is dead and buried and we’re left with BBC Beige documentaries too scared to state facts in-case some nut job gets offended. See Brian Cox “astrology is rubbish butt-hurt here (thanks to  Physics is Life for the link) Or Channel 4/5’s “The girl with 3 arses” drivel.

Looks like the future of documentaries isn’t orange at all, it’s beige.


2 thoughts on “Have we really dumbed down this much?

  1. rhiosace83 November 8, 2010 / 3:54 pm

    Awesome, you said it much better than I could. Well done.

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