Review: The 21-Second Excitation

So far season 4 of the Big Bang theory has been in my opinion, one of the better ones. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen seasons 1-3 about a billion times but I think Leonard/Penny just being friends is working better than Leonard chasing her or them dating, plus the comments from the others always make you laugh such as this one:

Wolowitz: I’m guessing 21 seconds had something to do with that, too.

This episode also marked the return of Will Wheaton “The Jar-Jar binks of the Star Trek Universe” enough Indiana Jones references to keep a die hard fan entertained and also some “experimentation” between Penny and Sheldon’s “Friend who is a girl, but not his girlfriend” Thankfully that was off screen.

I’m unsure about Amy on one hand I really like how she out “Sheldon’s” Sheldon when it comes to social interaction but I also think she’s a one trick pony, granted anyone who references Chaucer’s “Millers tale” is OK in my book, I just think she’ll get boring after a while. At least the writers keep giving Bernadette decent lines and she’s not as overused.

Anyway back to the show. The main premise was that the local cinema was going to show Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost ark with 21 seconds of bonus material (Hence the shows title) after dinner at the cheesecake factory and Sheldon urging them to hurry up so they can get seats the boys find themselves at the back of the queue as “the runts in a large litter unlikely to ever reach the nourishing teats of Indiana Jones.” Leading Sheldon to stop saying “I told you so” and instead inform them “I told you thusly”

Enter Will Wheaton and his “Posse” including ‘captain sweatpants’ who after sparring with Sheldon are rushed to the front of the queue meaning they simply don’t get in. However on the way back to the apartment Sheldon discovers the secrets of the side door before calling Leonard Short round and running off. After finding Sheldon who has stolen the film reels remarking “If I don’t get to see it no-one does” leading to them all “Legging it” out of the cinema chased by the entire cinema with Sheldon remarking “There’s never a pontoon plane when you want one”

Meanwhile our sub-plot involves a slumber party with Penny, Bernadette and Sheldon2.0. Granted this seems to have been more an excuse to show off Amy and get more people to warm to her but it also appears to have kick started another long story arc after a game of Truth or Dare results in Penny being quizzed about her relationship with Leonard which in turn reveals that she still has feelings for him.

In a way I hope she does because it would be quite fun to watch her chase him for a while. All in all a funny episode of Big Bang despite some forced humour from Amy, who on second thoughts makes me think she’s a love child of Sheldon and Leslie Winkle and not merely FemSheldon. Hopefully it doesn’t go the way of some other comedy shows *Cough*Office*Cough* and run out of steam in the 4th series.


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