In which Slacktivism attacks

As you may or may not be aware facebook is starting to resemble the tortured mind of anyone alive in the 80’s, between the usual “OMG SNOW!” statuses is one phrase:

“Change Your Facebook Profile Picture To A Cartoon Character From Your Childhood & Invite Your Friends To Do
The Same! Till Monday 6th December There Should Be No Human Faces On Facebook, But An Invasion Of Childhood Memories! This Is A Campaign To Stop Violence Against Children!”
Yes because I bet a child abuser is beating up his kid only to stop saying “Oh Top Cat, What am I doing!?!” What’s more unusual is this is probably one of the first internet meme’s to come from facebook.

The Genesis of this meme is alleged to come from a Greek profile:
“From the 16th to the 20th of November, we shall change our profile pictures to our favourite cartoon characters. The purpose of this game is to remove all photos of human for a few days from Facebook.”
No mention of child abuse at all, at the time of writing no-one knows where that bit came from but like melanoma, it’s mutated, adding in organisations such as the NSPCC (More later.) What has been fun to watch is the mixed reaction, many have gone along with this wholeheartedly, they changed their picture, yea, well done Abuse has ended go you!!. Others like me have decided to stand back, change the picture to Pedobear and wait for the abuse (Rather Ironic)

What is clear is the NSPCC had no idea about this, but jumped on the bandwagon faster than they jumped on the Great-Aunt of Victoria Climbe…oh right, they did nothing then doctored their records to cover it up.
Well it may have raised awareness but changing a profile picture is a rather futile gesture, equal to those who show solidarity with freezing students while sitting in the warmth with access to hot food and drink and toilets. Oh and not having the police batter them.

It was brought to my attention that the correct term for this is “Slacktivism” it’s nothing more than a feel good gesture, like treating an amputation with paracetamol. If you want to stop child abuse then you report it to social services.

Yes Social services, the demons in the tragic case of Baby P, funny how they were demonised for allowing a child to die yet the NSPCC got off so lightly, could it be that the NSPCC deal only with the lighter cases and leave the heavy stuff to the proper authorities? Much will be said and written about this Facebook campaign, probably on how little it did and how the NSPCC got some free publicity without stuffing letter boxes of expectant mothers with an encyclopaedia of child abuse? or guilting people into donating into their massive coffers of which very little goes to helping children, and most goes into advertising.


It’s now being claimed that this is a scam by Paedophiles, as if in their last annual meeting they decided “Hey I know, if we change our profile pictures to cartoon characters and get everyone else to we can then get on their accounts simply by this one connection we have!”



2 thoughts on “In which Slacktivism attacks

    • Gregg Smith December 5, 2010 / 10:05 pm

      Ah, what a classic. I remember the s**t storm when that came out

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