In which the Daily Mail continues to fail.

Good news everyone, it turns out the Facebook Paedophile story was completely bunk. Unless you live in Daily Mail land, which to their credit said “Rumours” then posted loads of posts about how it was an evil cabal of Paedophiles.

Apparently according to the mail the choice of picture is a good indicator of how old a user is, so posting He-man/ninja turtles etc means in the words of a cartoon bear you’re “too old.” The first blow to the argument is simply this. There are 1000’s of cartoons from the 50’s-2010 that are on air on any given channel on Sky. Boomerang shows nothing but old loony tunes, gadget boy etc. So what’s to stop a child picking that? also who the hell would accept someone simply because of their picture. Thirdly the TOS for Facebook clearly states that a user has to be aged 13 or over. Quite simply if you allow a younger child to roam Facebook unsupervised then you’re asking for it.

What is more infuriating is the Mail had no idea where this “Meme” came from despite the billions of articles and statuses on Facebook explaining it and I know 30 people who read my post yesterday should know this.
This is just more shit journalism and a complete lack of understanding of how the internet works.
More than likely one person said “OMG PAEDO’S” and someone else copied it and it blew up from there. I heard numerous times it was on the news yet a quick search revealed nothing.

Instead of having an age limit on Facebook maybe we should have a different test
1) Do you read the Mail
2) do you have the intellectual capacity of a watermelon.

If the answer is yes to both then you should be barred from the internet.

This lack of effort on the part of journalists has moved from sloppy to downright dangerous. The Express is allowed to peddle racist islamophobic and bigoted filth day in, day out. The mail is so far to the right Genghis Khan looks like Ghandi and the Guardian I stopped buying because frankly it’s too expensive. So far I find the independent the only newspaper worth buying.

But this lack of credibility is also spreading to other media, moving on from the poor badly thought out The BBC is so terrified of offending anyone it has to present both sides of a story even if one side is completely mental. Hell the only source of news on the BBC worth watching is Russell Howard. And it’s a sad state of affairs when a pre pubescent, west country comedian singing Vanilla Ice doing a chicken dance while pretending to be the queen becomes a good source of news.

For more on the woeful state of journalism in this country why not check out:


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