You’re all a bunch of Hunts

I mean Cameron is the Prime Minister and I always find my self accidentally calling him a prick

This morning at around 8am the most horrific thing since the bombing of Hiroshima happened. Across the country toast landed butter side up, mothers were covered in porridge and cornflakes and little children had their little lives ruined. Well that’s what the Mail thinks happened. In reality people stopped and laughed like Hyena’s on Nitrous oxide. Because one respected person said a naughty word.

BBC Radio 4 presenter James Naughtie (Oh the mail chuckled) accidentally got confused and called Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, Jeremy Cunt. Not content with ruining middle England FA Cup stand in and real life Mr Tickle, Andrew Marr then said the same thing, after saying he wouldn’t. Bloody Beeb eh? always going back on their word.

Clearly this is a case of the brain being three steps ahead of your mouth. And having the word “Culture” next to the word “Hunt” is bound to cause problems. I mean Cameron is the Prime Minister and I always find my self accidentally calling him a prick. Obviously the BBC did their usual and apologised like a runaway dad on Jeremy Kyle. That should be the end of it yea? two journalists got confused and said a rude word. We get it, move on.

However notorious Beeb assassin and the journalistic equivalent of a puffer fish (in that it can blow something out of proportion) The Daily Mail decided this wasn’t enough. And began to list a catalogue of other beeb gaffes, going as far to suggest some secret shadowy bet between presenters that they can say the rudest word before saying it’s medical. The Mail couldn’t decide where it was on this, usually they’re the first one in booting the Beeb but they resisted the urge somewhat to go all out and “Sachs” the incident up. Although in the catalogue of catastrophe they included Kate Silverton mentioning “Breasts” (Much to my annoyance without a photo of her breasts) and my favourite:

• Presenter Jonathan Charles showed the importance of punctuation on autocues in September last year in a BBC World News bulletin. Seemingly mistaking a full stop for a comma, he told viewers: ‘I’m Jonathan Charles, kept hidden for almost two decades and forced to bear children.’

However bizarrely enough, Mr Cunt Hunt came in for some tough criticism for “Using Ghastly text speak” when he commented on ‘cuntgate’ via Twitter:
“I was laughing as much as u Jim or shld I say Dr Spooner” The Mail jumped on the Oxford educated minister for this horrible transgression, which along with immigrants and houses with cancer is solely responsible for destroying this country.

I’ve noticed that the comments section is usually the best part of the Mail, and this one did deliver

That word has got to be the vilest, most revolting of the swear words available to people with no more intelligence than to need them. Has a man with his experience of life not developed a better vocabulary? I detest foul language, it’s so demeaning.
– She’s got Bettie Turpin eyes., England, 6/12/2010 10:04

How strange that some well paid BBC ‘professional’ presenters can make such crass slips.
It is even stranger that, in a RADIO programme where the spoken word is of paramount importance, some allow their speech to lapse into inaudibility, especially at the end of sentences.
This problem is rife in the early morning “Today”, and yet any guest can utter every word clearly and completely.
Makes one wonder if any BBC manager is awake at that time of day?
– peter, sutton, 6/12/2010 9:53

Clearly this one is for the archives, but I wonder if the self righteous hunts at the mail will ever just go with the flow and do what I did. Laugh


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