Is that a hard drive in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me

Now since he was hiding in England that would involve carpet bombing Scotland then giving up and Invading Belgium

I’ve deliberately refrained from commenting on Wikileaks, my thoughts on them vary from full support to out right detest. However I’ve been closely watching the cataclysmic shit storm brewing over their recent document dump which does sound like some Niche office scatological porn but we’ll ignore that.

I don’t think I’m the only one completely underwhelmed by the revelations, anyone who follows international politics with the intensity I do can only muster a “Meh, knew it.” China is fed up with N Korea, figures ever since they managed to miss the pacific ocean with a ding dong missile and landed in China. Yemen is covering US bombings there. Suspected that. Berlusconi is vain and ineffectual, Duh! and the UK is desperate to maintain a “special relationship” No shit Sherlock you’ll be telling me Brown was a complete disaster next…oh wait you did.

The wikileak files so far show the typical hum drum of diplomatic cables, lot’s of information to the State department of internal affairs, meetings and important “news” they feel Washington should know about, (although frankly just use google.) Many people have written about the leaks themselves so I suggest checking them out (do it yourself i’m not your bloody slave) I can however point you to this website, especially if you’re into that social media thing.

Instead of focusing on the leaks I decided to focus on the internet dick waving contest that’s currently playing out on those tubes.

The first salvo came the day Wikileaks was set to publish the first batch, the website was taken down by something called a DOS or Denial of Service attack. In simple (Kay Burley) speak this is when someone sets up a programme freely available on the internet or using the “proper” one and bombards the target website with requests/hits until the site can’t cope and it goes offline. A useful analogy is beating someone up until they cower in the corner. So Wikileaks crashes out the internet, but wait. The Chinese* government forgot that wikileaks also gave their files to a number of publications including the Guardian, New York Times and Der Spiegel (by the way check the site out. It really is good) so merrily these documents are leaked to the internet.

What followed was a few days of “Wow look at that, apparently Prince Andrew is rude and Russia is ran by the mob” then things get sinister. Talk of new charges against Jullian Assange including my favourite of “surprise sex.” How does that work do you jump on the naked woman shouting “GOTCHA!!!”

Also that moose shooting, winking village idiot Sarah Palin chimed in saying, and I’m not making this up: “we should hunt him down like Osama” Now since he was hiding in England that would involve carpet bombing Scotland then giving up and Invading Belgium. Not to be outdone on the crazy stakes Mike Huckabee (The monster to Conan/Colbert/Stewart’s Frankenstein) demanded that Bradley Manning, the person who handed these documents over, should be hung as a traitor. Hmm sounds like they have something to hide.

However the award for petulant twat of the year is awarded to Senator Joe Lieberman who is the human version of Droopy’s special cousin. Now Lieberman is a failed VP candidate but is also the chair of the senate homeland security committee which does have some clout. Lieberman has threatened the New York Times over publication of the leaks, claiming they endanger soldiers and agents. This line is a particular favourite of Wikileaks’ enemies, even though the main purpose of giving them to the media was so they can remove names and references which give away peoples names addresses and other personal details. The NYT thankfully is still publishing these accounts and Lieberman has been left looking like a prize turkey.

Speaking of the droopard, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal have withdrawn the ability to give donations to Wikileaks, this has naturally wound a lot of people the wrong way and at the time of writing all three are facing massive DOS attacks from Anon (the /b/ on the 4chan site) Now Paypal have admitted they withdrew their service on account of a letter given to wikileaks by a lawyer at the State department, which was the usual “This is illegal” spiel they’ve been pumping out since “Collateral murder.” Now it’s obvious that these three companies didn’t want to get caught up with financing a “criminal” act so they naturally withdrew their support for wikileaks.

However something rumbled a few days ago in which it was hinted that the massive “Insurance” file contains information regarding financial corruption that is far worse than we know of. Not long after these companies began to withdraw support and it turns out that one of the biggest recipients of donor money from the financial sector? Why it’s Senator Droopy. Could it be that Lieberman isn’t concerned about Security? I mean after all it’s not like he has a party machine to help him out in elections?

Well Lieberman paid the price, his website has been going offline for the past 24 hours after Anon finally got going and began to do what they did best. Now what they do is illegal but stifling free speech and government accountability cannot stand. I wish Anon the best of luck with their endeavour and sorely hope these cables prove that in this day and age there is no room for back room deal.

Here’s the list of Lieberman’s donors
As you can see the biggest spenders are financial companies including Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers also Citigroup.


Update 23:42

It appears the Payback twitter account has been brought down for “leaking” private credit card information. The validity of this is unknown. Also a new “operation” Bank Troll has been announced.

Update 00:03
Twitter account can now be found here
The processing company that deals with Visa has released a statement in which it reveals it is taking immediate legal action against visa (More later on this)

Update 00:55
Paypal has released the remaining funds to Wikileaks but stops short at reinstating ability to give donations
Visa is still down.

Update 01:06
The Anon twitter account has yet again been removed from twitter. Updates are available here
(More later on this)


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