Bend over Cameron’s coming

Well that was fun wasn’t it. Despite the BBC spinning the protest into a Somali style civil war for the most part the Protest went peacefully. However I have nothing nice to say about the metropolitan police. There was no excuse for their behaviour today, deviating from a route isn’t a good enough reason to cavalry charge into a kettled crowd. Two tactics that DO NOT go together.

We’ve been subjected to Met spokeswoman Julia Pendy(sp?) stand in the street and try to defend the actions of her police, actions which now include charging people on horseback (Link to youtube) Now obviously when it comes to student protests we in the UK are protected by rights, it’s not like Iran where you can get shot for standing around or get run over by tanks, however I do believe that free speech is vital to democracy. Therefore I find the actions of the police disgraceful. Kettling people is a deliberate ploy.

To paraphrase Blackadder, these aren’t the days of Alfred the great. You can’t just charge a crowd on horseback and blame it on the vikings.

Stuck in the cold in a crowded area with no way out rattles people up and makes tempers boil. When they do we have the scenes we’re seeing now with police lines breaking as Students try to get out, the media get their snapshots of “violent protests”, John Sopel runs to the bathroom to crack one massive one out and the police can go “Gene Hunt” on them. Now the media are spinning this as “Police trying to restore order” However the police had previously told the demonstrators they could leave the area from the rear, which many did, only to find a line of police ready to batter anyone who got close.

So far 6 people are in Hospital and once I get some stories I’ll post them up.

Moving away from the shoddy reporting and woeful police action there was an actual vote, now there was no question this bill would pass however what was uncertain would be by what majority. We knew the Lib Dem ministers would vote for it (thus proving where their priorities lie) however 2 saw sense, resigned and voted against. Also one Tory junior minister also resigned and voted no. In the end the bill passed by 21 votes, which is bad in as much as it’s now legislation but good in that the vote was close meaning it isn’t over. Protests will continue until the government abandons this insane promise.

Again more when I get it so expect a few tweaks with this. I’ll dive back into the Anon/wikileaks and also something on SpaceX by the weekend


Protests are continuing with protesters smashing up the treasury. BBC are loving it claiming it’s anarchist groups.

John Snow interviewing Vince Cable:
Vince Cable:
“I know there is opposition from some students, but not all”
Jon Snow:
“Well we’d be greatful if you could find us some who would tell us what an excellent policy it is”


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