If the kids are united.(Updated 1700)

For the past few weeks we’ve been bombarded with students on TV sounding all intellectual when in fact they’re not. The source of their anger? Coalition plans to rise tuition fees to £9000. So as you can see they would be riled up, even though the change wouldn’t affect them.

Well that’s what the media say. In fact it goes beyond this. To cutting the Education maintainance allowance which allows school leavers to go to college and pick up a trade or do A-levels so they enter the job market with more qualifications and pay more in tax.

Well after all the arguments today is D-day (or should that be X-day?) as I type this there is a massive crowd gathering just off parliament square a half empty chamber just arguing amongst themselves and sanctimonious MP’s queueing up for airtime. What has become apparent is this:

The BBC are desperate for violence to break simply because it makes good TV. At the minute John Sopel nearly ejaculated on the Teleprompter over a section of fencing being removed and carried to the back by the crowd, his voice shaking as 1000 sensation pulsated through him

The Lib Dems have obviously spent the last day working out their justification for going back on the NUS pledge they signed. Right now the party line is “We didn’t win the election”
Well 2 problems with that. You didn’t win but you’re still in government and secondly, the pledge doesn’t make any reference to being in power or opposition. It simply says “to vote against an increase” and “pressure the next government for an alternative” So sadly Clegg that’s your argument once again blown out the water.

The main vote is expected around 5-6pm as usual I will update this as events unfold but if you want upto date accounts then the hashtag on twitter is #dayx3.

It’s now 10 past 5. The vote is expected at 25 past. So far 2 Lib Dems have resigned their posts over the vote.

The Metropolitan police have been heavily criticised from all quarters over their tactics, lots of reports of people being beaten which I’m trying to verify so will not post them here in-case they are false. I do know of one reporter sitting in hospital with a gash on his head from a police baton. Other reports say someone was pulled from their wheelchair and beaten.

What is verified is that the police have “contained” the protesters in Parliament square. However they have also charged on horseback, a tactic used to disperse crowds. Obviously these tactics don’t work together and injuries have again been reported. A large fire (Or as sky news would have you believe, London) has been lit in the main kettle. Remember it is just above freezing there and it’s not over.
Again more as it happens and I’ll eventually get round to compiling everything properly.

BBC report 3 protesters were removed from the gallery after protesting. Naturally John Sopel is reporting it like Charles I has walked back in.

William Hague is currently on BBC news. Swaying and speaking in rhyming nonsense, all signs point to a session at the bar.

BBC are overreacting to the fires at the protest, completely ignoring the fact that it is just above/below freezing out there and it doesn’t seem like it’s over anytime soon.

According to the BBC the atmosphere is changing to menacing. Proving they are itching for trouble to break out.

Students surge. So does Sopel

Reports of Guardian journalist being beaten by police, and wheelchair user has been attacked by police. One officer falls off horse. Guess who the BBC focus on

Reporters don hard hats. Police charging protesters with horses. Democracy dies

Reporter removes hat gives interview with the “thousand yard stare”

Police are being accused of antagonising after offering protesters a way out then sealing it and charging with horses

Mike Crockart has resigned his post as a junior minister.

More groups of protesters have arrived at Parliament square, police are now kettled.
Met police issue statement that they will keep an eye out on young people (Presumably because their skulls are weaker, so damage the batons less)

It’s calmed down from earlier, focus is now on he vote in 30 minutes time.

Large fire in Parliament square, probably a skip. Vote is close with a Gov Majority of 20.

Another Lib Dem minister resigns over vote.


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