Because they weren’t happy inflicting Ulrika on us

Julian Assange, depending on your philosophical bent he’s either a full arse or a half arse but you can’t deny the guy has guts, which some believe the CIA are planning to use to decorate a street soon.

His wikileaks has split public opinion, his revelations have amazed and bored the world and he’s now the victim of a legal yo-yo. And not the cool “Pro Yo” but a shit wooden one from the ’50’s. It all started with some confusion in Sweden, a land where blonde buxom wenches leave for our shores, fuck a football team and cling desperately to the limelight.

An arrest warrant was issued after allegations that Assange had improper sexual encounters with two women. Shortly after a chief prosecutor withdrew the warrant saying there was insufficient grounds to accuse him of Rape. And instead the investigation focused on a lesser charge (Wrongfully reported as “sex by surprise”)

What made this more unusual is that Assange said he would meet with prosecutors to deal with it, while Interpol (under instruction) Issued a red notice (an international arrest warrant) which in itself is unusual.
Now the who what where when and how has been written elsewhere but the counts are:
one count of unlawful coercion,
two counts of sexual molestation,
and one count of rape.

Or as a Premiership footballer would say “Friday night”

Now naturally given the amount of people who have raised holy hell over wikileaks there is a suspicion this is a ploy to get him to Sweden where he’ll be extradited to the US. However if there is evidence of this then the extradition will be blocked. It’s also worth noting that it would be far easier for the US to extradite him from this country where according to wikileaks we just do it even without evidence, than in Sweden which has this weird thing called “Due process”

What is clear is Right now Assange is stuck between a shit place and an even shittier place, right now he’s in the big house waiting for an appeal to be heard tomorrow. An appeal lodged not by Sweden as reported. But our own CPS. Who still think Assange will flee the country, while tagged…..and without a passport.


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