Shit got real

So as it says in my “About me” section I’m doing an OU Degree in Science, however I still haven’t decided what to specialise in. Naturally Astronomy/Cosmology/Astrophysics is a natural choice for me and my level one work speaks for that. However at the minute there’s a crisis of confidence going on. I knew going in my Maths wasn’t my strong suit so before I enrolled I took a load of maths textbooks out of the Library and began to work through them. After a while it all flooded back and I could do it.

Sadly the lack of ability isn’t what kills me. It turns out I had a habit of making really simple mistakes, stuff that is so blindingly obvious that only I and David Blunkett could miss it. The first TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) Mentioned these silly mistakes and I corrected them. The Second TMA then had new comments and I took them to heart and now spent a large amount of time triple checking the figures to make sure they were as accurate as I could get. So now I have to wait until around Christmas to find out whether I passed or failed on that. (it is worth noting I did better on TMA02 than 01 even though TMA02 was definitely not my cup of tea.)

So add to the worry about that, the course books for S282 (Astronomy) finally arrived today and the size puts me right off. Now I know that at Uni in year 2 my notes would dwarf the size of them but My notes also included pictures. The problem I’m facing is these ones actually count to the final classification of my Degree so I can’t dick around and only read half the book before answering the essay, add into that a 3 hour exam. I’m getting doubtful Over it.


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