Good News Everyone…

Today was rather a good day, not only was Julian Assange finally granted bail and released from prison, but I got some Uni results in that alleviated alot of the worry I wrote about yesterday.


Firstly to our Julian, after the appeal against bail launched after his last hearing (A decision which is as mysterious as half these allegations with the CPS saying it was acting on behalf of the Swedish and the Swedish saying it was a British decision) the judge today released him on a £240,000 bail and on condition he remains at a manor house in suffolk. Now all we have to wait for is the extradition hearing which could be months away.

Now onto me, as you may remember I was having doubts about my abilities after a few knockbacks, well today I got my results for S194 (Intro to astronomy, a title I’m not a fan of) Now this being level one stuff there is no numerical mark given just a simple Pass of Fail. I got Pass. Then when there is a small breakdown of marks (although I would appreciate my essay back) I managed to achieve all the learning outcomes bar one which was “Not quite achieved” but that’s at the end and I couldn’t care less.

On top of this I also got back an iCma mark (Sort of computer marked Q&A) and the mark was what I expected it to be. Which is my lowest mark to date although as my last one was 93 there wasn’t much chance of getting too high a mark. Add to that the fact I did half the questions without reading the book and while falling asleep I feel I was lucky enough to get that.

Now I’m taking a well deserved 1-2 weeks off, I’m ahead of where I should be and I have been studying none stop 6-15 hours a day since March. Although a break I decided to get a French Language course out from the Local library to go over and learn. So hopefully if this winning streak continues next I’ll be employed and finally able to save up for that trip to I’ve been wanting to take since I was 14!

Onward and upwards as they say


One thought on “Good News Everyone…

  1. Ed McB December 16, 2010 / 10:36 pm

    Congrats on your results, tovarisch!

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