Cable declares War on Murdoch, sinks 3 battleships, damages many

Vince Cable is probably one of the smartest people in government, while we were enjoying Champagne baths and burning a fiver to light a candle he was saying the economy will tank spectacularly, and it did.

Which is why it is absolutely disheartening to see what he has become, a human Faeces deflector for the tory government, which is why I read with glee that he could bring the government down, I applauded his decision to declare war on Murdoch, the fighting was Bloody, The Sun was the first to fall, it couldn’t defend itself adequately, Sky took a heavy battering and was finally sunk by a twitter torpedo, however Murdoch rallied, made a call and now has a green light to buy out the rest of BskyB.

Cable has faced speculation over his future after the Telegraph went undercover at his constituency surgery where he revealed he has a nuclear option if the Conservative government goes too far. What was more bizarre was his decleration of War on Rupert Murdoch.

What happened 3 hours ago was odd, however in this digital age what isn’t. Cameron and Clegg face a tough call with Cable, he clearly hates the idea of a coalition government with the Tories, yet he has to remain in government to give Clegg some credibility, for Clegg it is better to have cable on the inside pissing out then outside pissing in.
Cable outside of government would act like flypaper for the Lib Dems who feel they’re committing political suicide over this coalition.

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