RIP 2010

2010 is probably going to be an odd year for most, for me it ranks at #1 on the list of “Shittiest years of my life” which granted is only out of 23 and for all of them I couldn’t be bothered to remember important stuff.

The year saw the removal of a sad scrotum from Number 10 and the installation of a upper class homosexual couple as leader, it saw the cast of Airplane decimated, England crash in a football tournament and a few airliners crash into the sea. Some Miners got stuck in a mine providing gripping TV as well as a few tasteless jokes about it and the Pope came to the UK because, well he’s the freaking pope.

Shooting spree’s returned in full force with Cumbrian taxi drivers showing Postal workers how it’s done and steroid popping mega ginge Raoul Moat kept the entire nation in suspended terror as his pitch for a Ray Mears survival show wasn’t picked up for a 2nd season.

All in all a funny old year.


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