Character assassination: part deux

The Media get some stick from most of us over the way they handle certain things, mainly the treatment of murderers/suspected murderers. I wrote last year over the ITV news’ coverage of Derek Bird and how at one point the reporter remarked that: ““His face not giving any indication of the horror he’s about to bring””
Then there was The Sun’s coverage of Raoul Moat going as far as having a baby photo of him under the caption “Cute baby but his fists are clenched. It’s obvious that the media pick their targets and twist everything to suit their perverted agenda, however the Media coverage of the tragic murder of Joanna Yeates reached new levels of vomit inducing rage.

Miss Yeates went missing on the night of December 17th and her body was found a couple of miles from where she lived on Christmas day. Post mortems revealed she had been strangled and the landlord was arrested for questioning.

And that’s when the Media got involved

Now the landlord, a Mr Chris Jefferies, who sort of looks like a whimsical Tony Hart is a retired schoolmaster and was described by people who know him as a pillar of the community. However ask the media, who haven’t met him and he’s a sadistic paedophile (Scottish Press) and a weirdo who followed a woman and was obsessed with Death. The Sun also ran a small article interviewing his previous tenants who also described him as “over-friendly but trusted him, he was a pillar of the community.” Now the main thing the Sun picked up on was how he used to check on the building often while they were out.

Now if you’ve ever lived in a rented accommodation you know this happens, hell I had the last landlord wake me up at 8am to show the people who were going to move in after us around, it happens and it’s common, it’s nothing sinister, he wasn’t checking to see when I was asleep so he could murder me.

Eventually all this shit character assassination gutter press caught the attention of the Attourney General, who “politely” reminded the press of a nasty law called the The Contempt of Court Act, which restricts publication of information that could seriously prejudice a future trial.

Something tells me describing him as a death obsessed paedophile peeping tom may just be that


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