BBC Finally get it right(ish)

Now my feelings on Science shows and the BBC is rather well known. In as much as for the most part they aren’t that good. Yes ‘Wonders of the Solar system’ was quite good and ‘Sky at Night’ is an enduring classic that doesn’t rely on fancy graphics and Sigur Ros playing in the background. What does annoy me is that both these shows were on quite late in fact the Sky at Night is technically on so early being relegated to the graveyard slot, yet shows like “Nativity” and songs of Praise get a nice prime-time slot on BBC1 not BBC2. And when the BBC do put a science show on it’s so dumbed down embryo’s start kicking their mothers begging to change the channel.

Not saying that the other networks do any better with ITV thinking “Science” is something to fear channel 4 science shows is either part time Herr Flick impersonator Gunter von Hagens hacking at a corpse or someone hacking out the eye of a whale, and as for Channel 5 “The boy with 2 arses” isn’t exactly ground breaking, more a Victorian freakshow for the unemployed.

Which brings me to the point of today’s half arsed Daily Star style editorial.
Last night we were finally treated to something bordering on “Great science shows” BBC Stargazing live started yesterday with go to science guy Brian Cox who’s boyhood enthusiasm runs the risk of him just shouting “SPACE IS AWESOME” requiring heavy sedation and Dara O’Briain, a man who’s head was the but of many tiresome jokes.
It also featured Jonathan Ross acting the simpleton which is a shame because he isn’t and BBC Science pin up Liz Bonnin in Hawaii, standing next to an erupting volcano (also the butt of many tiresome jokes)

My only criticism is this: The show is obviously aimed at absolute beginners but it did border on “Secrets of the Universe” condescension, as I mentioned yesterday, Cosmos perhaps the greatest science show made didn’t do this, it dealt with complicated things in a simple to understand way without resorting to “Hurrr it’s space stuff you thickish fools durrr”.

What did amuse me about the show was for once there was no “BBC Balance” which in a science show isn’t needed or wanted, Science deals with the facts as we know them, there should be no need to talk to Mystic Pete a shaman from Essex on Black holes, as much as you don’t need Stephen hawking to discuss the finer points of pyramid power. What we had instead was 2012’ers and astrologers whipped into a tizzy as their bullcrap was destroyed Live on TV, which is worth the licence fee alone.

All in all Stargazing is a noble effort however until the BBC decide that not everyone in this country has the intelligence of a Jeremy Kyle guest it’s still missing something. Opinions have been divided with many thinking it was brilliant, women going mental over Brian and some Scientists feeling the same way I do, that it didn’t get into it and that there wasn’t enough stargazing.


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