Daily Mail use woman’s suicide for its moral crusade

The Daily mail is no stranger to sickening articles however today’s article about a Simone Back takes a leap.

Simone wrote on her Facebook wall that she “Took all my pills be dead soon bye bye everyone.” what followed was a number of comments questioning the validity of this claim mixed in with other people asking for her contact information. What makes this worse is the mail confusing the idea of “Facebook Friends” with real life friends.

Actually scratch that what is more annoying is the headline remarks that ”

“none of her 1,048 online friends help”

A claim that is repeated throughout the article. However if by the end you were still reading the thread featured a comment

Boxing Day, 12.09am Friend C: ‘Did you catch the part about Simone taking pills?? .. the ‘bye bye’ part?? Did anyone go by personally and check on Simone.. or call 999?? what’s wrong with you people?? is the gossip really more important than her??’

That to me seems like someone wanted to help her. But again if she didn’t know any contact information then she couldn’t be regarded as a friend now could she.  More bizzarely is the interview with an actual friend who is quoted as saying ‘Everyone just carried on arguing with each other on Facebook like it wasn’t happening. Some of those people lived within walking distance of Simone.’ Now call me callous but surely if you were a friend you would have noticed the signs that things were going to end badly.

The mail made a few remarks about one of her friends saying that she says things like this all the time, I’m left wondering if maybe the “boy who cried wolf” isn’t appropriate for this. Having encountered these things previously I can testify that after a while of attention seeking you develop a block on it, could it be that she had threatened this before and nothing happened, maybe her “friends” got sick of hearing things like this and just decided not to care?

Or could it be that on Midnight Christmas eve out of her 1000+ friends none were online? and that these 2 people who made these comments were probably used to attention seeking status updates?

Sadly the media isn’t giving us any other details apart from the fact 2 people made comments, The mail don’t care about her or her friends, if they did then a comment that currently has -40 or so ratings would be in the article, because it was written by one of her actual friends

“Im one of Simone’s online friends and although the argument taking place on Simone’s wall was unfortunate,it does not mean that her online friends didn’t care about her or do not care about each other.There is a great sadness on facebook about Simone’s death. None of us will ever know what was going on in her mind at the time. It’s unfair to say or think her 1,048 friends didn’t care. There are many instances of people threatening to commit suicide on facebook-I’ve seen many instances of the facebook community from all over the world coming together to “save” someone.On this occasion it didn’t happen.Maybe we did fail Simone,but was it because none of us cared??? No…I don’t think so.RIP Sim-we all miss you in different ways.x

– katy, Somerset, 5/1/2011 17:35

Now who’s more callous, the strangers on the internet, or the morons who want an honest to god account buried?


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