What kind of dinner table does she have?

Baroness Warsi, a woman who went from slightly bonkers to Nadine Dorries in about 4 months today released another howler. In it she said that “Bigotry against Muslims has passed the Dinner table test”

Now I’ll get onto the “main course” of her argument after some mocking. What kind of table is she eating at,  is she eating with the EDL? or was it just what she hears over the Tory table.

Now a lecture on bigotry and tolerance from Warsi is like a lecture on Gas consumption by Himmler. Warsi who number 10 insiders claim is “an embarrassment”  should shut up. In the past Warsi has claimed that labour were making schools breeding grounds for Homosexuality by lowering the age of consent and discussing homosexuality at a young age, now she can back peddle on this as much as she likes, but my #1 rule is “you write it/say it then you thought it, and it’s what you believe”

Not content with pissing off the gay community she was also taped saying that “One of the lessons we have learnt in the last five years in politics is that Muslims that go to Parliament don’t have any morals or principles.” Phew thank the lord there’s no Muslims in Parliament or government…and what is it you do again….Really….you’re F*cking me. You’re a Muslim in government! Although you’re a Tory so we know you don’t have any morals (Yes Have I got News for You, I am indeed free on the 15th) but really! You were the shadow minister for social Cohesion, much in the same way Lindsay Lohan is the spokeswoman for teetotaller’s.

Now Warsi does raise a valid argument, that bigotry towards muslims (Of which she is guilty) has become a social norm, maybe it’s because the only well known Muslim in this country is a gaffe prone harpy with the voice of a child getting punched in the nuts. However moaning that Muslims need to do more is the same line trotted out by every member of the far right. Muslims do speak out, a lot there are hundreds of community groups and national organisations that do nothing but speak out.

But again this is rather hypocritical, I don’t speak out when Dawkins goes on another Atheist bender, Catholics don’t speak out when the Pope does something stupid so why should all the followers of one religion need to speak out for the actions of a few idiots? When Islam4UK announced the plans to protest through Wooten Basset Muslim communities up and down the country spoke out, but they didn’t make the national news, but they made the local news .

My other gripe with the statement was her comments on “Moderate” and “extremist” when discussing Islam. I agree I hate that with a thousand supernovas, it’s the same as Palin’s “real America” it is divisive and counter productive BUT when talking to the morons you sometimes have to distinguish Muslims into “Extremist” and “moderate” although surely “Peaceful muslims” is a better alternative to “moderate” some people can’t grasp that their is a splinter group of followers who don’t follow the tenets of Islam and are intent on killing, I find dividing them into the two groups is a good foundation to educating the real Bigots about Muslims in the UK.


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