Degree update: There’s definitely no Chemistry between us.

When I was at school I hated Chemistry, frankly it’s the “cooking” of the science world, you get some of chemical A mix it with Chemical B and if you survive, TA-DA Chemistry.

It’s nice to know that after 8 years I still hate it, albeit slightly less since I’m technically my own teacher and unlike the one at school controlling this class is easier with alcohol (Note to Michael Gove, may be worth looking into that) Having been ill over the Christmas break I fell seriously behind with my studies, however because I have the endurance of a prize winning Stallion and because 1 Credit equals 1 hour of study meaning I have 60 hours for this one module I caught up sufficiently and I’m now writing out rough answers for my Assignment which is due Early February.

On top of that I’m working slowly through the End of Module Assesment for S151 and should be done by the 31st which is the hand in.

More importantly, S282 (astronomy) is finally beginning to start up, the website’s live, the forums are up and I have another tutor bringing my total up to 2. The main worry over 282 is unlike the others this one counts for the final mark, unlike the others which is a straight pass/fail. Not to mention it’s another 30 hours of study on top of the 60 hours I’m doing, much to the Job Centres delight as it means they don’t have to pay me. What it means now is that quite literally over half my week is now going to be solid studying of around 90 hours. Which isn’t a problem. It’s just fitting it all in.


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