Cameron talks out of his arse and other fables.

They don’t give out awards for poor timing, if they did I’d have a few, however yesterday David Cameron would have been declared world champion after his little speech in Germany.  In it he claimed that Multiculturalism had failed and that more should be done to prevent youth from turning to extremism. Sadly he gave this speech as 1500 pissed up hooligans were protesting against “the islamification (Not a real word) of the UK by muslim extremists”

Now Cameron’s speech had it’s valid arguments, there was some interesting points made but we’ve heard them before, the problem with England is that it’s national identity has schizophrenia. Not only that but the Conservatives say one thing and do the opposite, citizenship lessons have been scrapped and May day, a day of poles and morris dancers is under threat so they can move it to October. Now May Day could be said to be part of our identity and has been since the early centuries AD. Yet it’s to be moved to October, now Trafalgar day would be a good choice, but the UK has one of the smallest public holiday days in the EU, so why not make both of them a holiday.

The main argument against the speech however is this threat of “Islamic extremism” now the Security services still state that the biggest threat is from “dissident republicans” however in Camerons mind it’s Muslims. He also seems to pin the blame on multiculturalism, when in fact it’s a variety of factors, high unemployment, inflation and even a decadent, immoral society are major factors. Multiculturalism if done properly enriches a nation, you take the best qualities and adapt them. The Americans did this when they were expanding, which is why, despite appearances, American culture does exist and in places is thriving. He also seems to think multiculturalism has  “encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream.”

There’s no denying people from different cultures and areas “clump together” however this isn’t because of multiculturalism, this has been going on since the word was made up. It’s a fact people who share a common background will congregate. If they didn’t we wouldn’t have Chinatown’s for starters. On the subject of China this week was a perfect example of multiculturalism, the UK went Chinese new year mad, even though the majority aren’t Chinese we still wished each other a happy new year, lit lanterns and ate Chinese food (some got drunk on Chinese beer) Likewise with other festivals Diwali in Leicester is a big thing.

Cameron should know that while Multiculturalism does have it’s dark side the positives from it are amazing. Although I doubt a man who spent his entire life in a bubble would know that.


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