SEX: now I have your attention don’t watch this

Channel 4 has come under fire recently for it’s programme “The joys of teen sex.” The Daily mail was horrified that they were teaching teenager karma Sutra and that there was a “Guide to Anal Sex.” Mediawatch UK, which is better known as Mary Whitehouse’s National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association, were just as horrified at this. Then again these are the crackpots who go after Tinky Winky for pushing the gay agenda.

Moving away from the compulsive complainers, health professionals also weighed in with a letter sent to C4 signed by people including Dr. Petra Boynton who has an excellent write up here.

Now I watched a half hour of the show while waiting for ‘Not coming out’ to come on Dave, and for me the show was basically shit. Not even bad, just cataclysmic bad. A sex counselor  who only knows so much because it’s obvious she wasn’t putting it into practice a doctor who appeared flummoxed by the simplest thing, a half woman half fish person telling people about Numbing Lube (Rapists take note) and quite unbelievable scenario’s such as “My boyfriend won’t go down on me” Yea maybe not putting him down every 5 seconds would help, also did you see him? Even the weeniest emo’s were thinking “Dude, too far man, too far.”

For me however the most offensive part was that boring droning Peaches Geldof wannabe “Billie.” My god she made me want to slap the TV like it owed me money. “Today I’m going to see if I have what it takes to be a glamor model” Well from my experience they don’t have a face like a dogs just crapped in your handbag. Also they don’t make people want to go outside and stab someone just to feel like they’re awake.


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