He’s a ramblin’ man

So the day after Gadaffi went off the deep end and decided to airstrike his own people he appeared on Libyan TV, while I admit I missed the fist episode I did see images of him in what can only be described as a milk float. Whether he was about to break into a heartwarming rendition of “Ernie the fastest milkman is to be seen.

However his second speech beats the UN one he gave in longevity and ramblingness, in it he repeatedly referred to himself in the 3rd person, called himself Libya and blamed, rats, cockroaches and drug addicts destroying police stations to destroy their records for the trouble. Said that Libya wants chaos and not revolution. In essence he blamed everything but himself. While this is funny it’s deadly serious, he’s massacring his own people and making threats of burning the country to the ground.

If he does leave he would make an excellent replacement for Glenn Beck though


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