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Sunday 27/02/11 (2)

Thanks to the UN..specially to Gabon. I’ve always been proud African. those mercenaries will not destroy the relation’s between libya and Africa..It’s not about colour or geography It’s more than that I was happy that some African has spoken against Gheddafi this made me so happy and so proud to be an African!

I watched some words of some representatives this “Quick” decision was so fine and I’m glad they finally acted. because I’m sick of hearing condemnation all over. the best part was about ICC but how they are gonna get his arse to holland? yes a embargo would be great because almost 4 Huge planes landed in the Airport coming from the east … I hope those were not full with mercenaries tho!

most Libyans are Afraid of military actions as his son’s went like..you gonna be like Iraq and the US will invade bla bla.. this is the propaganda they are showing in national tv. but nothing would be better than bombing the heck out of Bab Al Aziziya the 1st base for him. no one would ever oppose some kind of military intervention it’s actually so need in this situation

I’m (well recently) aware of the UN military intervention rules 😦 which make them useless for now. However, most Libyan people Unlike what G is ranting about are United for one thing is removing G and placing a democracy with an institution etc.

this has to be done with an International help. further, to help to make people trust a legal clean elections. as you know G Has destroyed all the basic rules. banned all political Parties removed the institution replaced them with his crazy world’s third theory.

so to be on the safe side..I must say Libya will need International help. Just in case, I can see all people wants democracy and a law country not a military police dictatorship. but first of all we need to get rid of G. which I hope will be soon. we need to keep protesting. but we are losing ppl per every demo. we need ppl in the east to form a local government and to head to west to liberate us.

wallah I can’t share some vids from my friend’s war it’s just too graphic. wallah I’m a man and i can’t watch some pictures ..yet i have alot. this guy think he can cover the truth by taking the bodies from the tripoli medical centre. or by cleaning the blood from the streets..or by arresting doctors!! how silly! btw they took bodies even from streets!!

How he uses Alqaeda to gain some support the USA has already made their statement. He was Asking for western intervention and calling us a terrorists yet in the same speech he calls us a western packed and we will support a western intervention. oh not to mention the hallucinogenic pills! not only he or his dad.. but also some fake sheikh on the national TV!

Sunday 27/02/11 (1)

some ppl i know told me “NOW” they can get me funded for my studies. but fuck them.. 500 LD and all you can do is to bring your Family certificate..to any Governmental Bank! 2morrow. and they want to fund 8000 new students to study abroad ..pfft. lol what they think we are? they can buy us with money ??? All ppl I know won’t give a shit about them they will not take any money ..they want their freedom. however, some ppl probably pro gheddafi will go to complete his drama scene!

Unfortunately some ppl will fall for his trap. He’s desperately wants to bring life back he urges schools to open and he told kids to go to schools ..they promised to pay 2 billion for loans to give scholarships for 8000 students just for now! 500LD for every Family certificate.. the lowest wage will be 450 LD as he said.. lol they are losing it badly! see the bastards wasted more then 10 Billions funding the IRA and some African Militias and buying off the Families of victims of both lockerbie and IRA . let alone 2 million for 1 hour for beyonce! let alone millions that were wasted on parties for his son’s in Monaco. let alone Billions was wasted buying weapons to that used against us.


He’s trying to lie as much as he can.. well his son’s do this job better.

his bla bla is funny.. but his son’s is bit smarter and know how to lie..but his lies is ridicules for us because we know the truth!

Saturday 26/02/11 (1)

‎2 Huge Planes just landed in the Airport.. in Just 15 mins!!! I think time is not on our side gheddafi is getting stronger at least here in tripoli!

I’m followed by security men who couldn’t identify me pheww lucky again!! my friends told me 2 strangers asked them about me and they told them “that guy who was with you and after gave a speech on the main well of *******.. my friends suspected them and answered we don’t know him he just came in and we had small chat” 2 of the men who gave speeches were arrested 😦 .. I didn’t go out today tho missed big chance to speak to English journalists at the funeral in here. but Im leaving home 2morrow for my safety . until things changes. so I might not be able to update anymore.. keep hope! keep up the fight!

These ppl will disapear once gheddafi falls. so i hope he don’t stay for long.. now they are arresting ppl and following everyone they suspect .. they kinda return their control on tripoli. They arrest ppl from their houses. I still have hope that he is falling.. if he didn’t and this revolution didn’t succeed then i have to leave to any country. They took advantage of this calm to arrest ppl. so I’m just being cautious I will hide for a bit until we regain our strength to fight back, I’m afraid ppl r givin up after yesterdays loses 😦

Friday 25/02/11 (3)

I was too far from shooting once and i missed a bullet like i still can’t believe.

now i can say i was 200% lucky wallah that day i was shocking like for 1 hour after.. first bullet was pretty high so i had to hide behind a palmtree and that was in 3 seconds another bullet went in the same position i was standing i was like OMG.. and it was 14.5 mm Bullet!! bullet kept coming from the sky ..i had to run to the nearby house was so freaky ..oh god i still can’t believe it i’m not dead

Friday 25/02/11 (2)

so this is the update for today.. I overslept.. for the lack of food and sleep I missed Juma’ah Prayer..I woke up around 15:00 by a friends call he told me they were in A**** heading to soug al Juma’a ..and they were thousands.. so I followed them but we were stopped in the 4 ways in Arada ..by that time they were in ALtarasana(soug alJumaa) in the 4 ways there was heavy shooting so we had to jump of the car and try the side broken roads.. we made it after that point.. but after 10 mins we had calls that the protest was spread and they are returning..we waited for them we was told this : they gathered after Juma’a Prayer and some of the Military Police sides them ..they didn’t want to go with people but they gave them 4 (AK-47) and thousands went from tajoura and the number increased rapidly by every town they went through … they arrived that point that was like a trap snipers all over the area and soldiers around so they started shooting at ppl and ppl spread the 4 guys who had weapons fought back and they injured one of the snipers but then they are not well trained they wasted the ammo…ppl in there way home were also killed in A**** road bypass and in the 4 ways too the same point that we couldnt go further.. they were going home but they were shot dead there. and many many many ppl died.. it’s terrible I know 6 people who died in my Area. some of scared ppl went to houses in soug al Jumaa and stayed there.. some are missed .. there were some kids aswell. I will try to get some footage 2morrow for what happened.

we were stuck in between bifi and the 4 ways in a very shitty area i never been through..but it was safe as the main roads was not safe enough ….however they small resist 4 (AK 47) made it even worse the gaddafi pro forces killed as many as they can. they thought there might be more armed protesters.. however it’s like war now.

******* is not free they just backed of to soog aljumaa they can’t offer a fight in ..that will be a waste of time for them but they sent their militia like daily..they even ruined the graffiti on gheddafi..

Friday 25/02/11 (2)

It was a bloody massacre rip A**** E*****! 😦 inna lilaah wa inna ilayhi raj3oon .. I don’t feel good I don’t think we can do it … I’m bit dizzy but home and safe my cousin is missed thousands went out of ******* was stopped in ******** many ppl died.

we do need someone to stop this lunatic bastard ..he’s blocked us from entering the green square we were thousands of ppl but after heavy shooting we had to back off. He also paid 3000 LD to whoever goes there and chant for him.. i’m not sure bout this but my friend called and told me he was offered this money if he can go to chant for gheddafi..and i trust this friend.. also like 3 planes landed in the nearby airport he’s getting more help.. unfortunately 😦

Friday 25/02/11 (1)

I’m fine, trying to be careful they were arresting people today. Tonight was quiet but there is too many tanks heading to tripoli from the military base in here. looks like they are also ready for 2morrow!

There was like 20 Tanks heading to His main place in Tripoli ..that from the base in my town only. I’m hoping more army leaders disobey him that would be the key. regarding the Cam-Oba meeting It’s so early they should postpone it it’ll be on Oil..be we didn’t get rid of gheddafi yet. oh we are not relying on them really. they can help us with bombing gheddafi place if they want. Hopefully we get rid of him before their meeting anyway inshallah 🙂

I hope 2morrow will be the last update about gheddafi and the rest will be about after gheddafi 🙂

On freezing his assets:

unfortunately he withdrew most of his money from their after his son’s problem. arghhh he was lucky in this bit.

Thursday 24/02/11 (2)

unfortunately our town east of tripoli is still under his control 😦 he is losing it.. but he will not give it up i’m afraid he will order the tanks to bomb us.

very quiet (today)..none outside unlike what gheddafi hoped for a “normal life” everything is closed.

most of the time we go out after 17:00 anyway..i’ll be going out later to check what we will be doing. they are still invading our place. so we would probably go around

Thursday 24/02/11 (1)

i don’t want to die for nothing..if am gonna die i will die for something worthy. Yesterday when an old man told them to settle ..they refused and said we were just speaking for days and what we did nothing but got killed we want to walk to the base.. i took the mic speaking to them :young men: to be patient they wanted to attack the militia base to get weapons and liberate our city..i told them we all want that but the snipers will shot us like playing COD it’ll be fun for them for .. very tall wall tanks and snipers everywhere even if thousands went they wouldn’t be able to get in . Tomorrow I will be so cautious so no worries.  I hope to see this day: a democratic free Libya!..all Usob will be invited to celebrate in the main sq .

Wednesday 23/02/11 (5)

“No actually i got bad news.. he re-controlled most of tripoli parts and he brainwashed ppl there acting like life is normal forcing ppl to act normal ..like if it was only a riot and it’d finished .. but eastern tripoli a.k.a Tajoura will be always a flame..we are planing to go out 2morrow for big demo ..i’m fearing the tanks will have no problem shooting at us.”

Wednesday 23/02/11 (6)

“Libyan TV stations and Radio stations makes me laugh.

Hiring ppl to lie. omg can’t they think things will never be normal again? I know the husband which his wife was killed didn’t change his clothes yet he has his wife’s blood on it when he hugged her. think again gheddafi you days are numbered…you might kill us all but you won’t fool us. Personally I shall continue on that until I die I will never give up.

guys don’t believe the local media they were saying there is nothing it’s just western media ..America Israel bla bla.. I’VE LIVED AND WITNESSED what happened I missed a 14 ml Bullet because i was lucky. i seen ppl shot and die infront my eyes. I couldn’t sleep for days because i had to guard my family are frightened because of hearing shooting. this is no NORMAL LIFE. as they are trying. they’ve just texted me saying guys life is normal go back to school open your shops etc. that means Gheddafi is losing it. NO SURRENDER and this time i’m not taking the piss of the EDL .. I mean it!”

” I don’t trust army in here. they are so loyal to gheddafi they would shot at us if we went out protesting they didn’t even let anyone to stay there for long..no taking pic or vids is allowed too. just the local tv when there was a pro gheddafi chants. they still much better than the militias ..because you can walk and they won’t shoot you for just walking by.”

” local Bakery works 24h ..the rest we already had the enough amount of food when it kicked off in bengazi… but it won’t last for long…”

semafro is trafficlights… this is the main place where the militia enters the town there is another on on the beach.

btw just right now too much shooting

i hope so the evil bastard has put his army and militias everywhere to block them from coming even from the west side as some cities managed to get armed too. he also bombed some who tried his airforce is ready to bomb them. before making it to here. this guy is totally crazy .. he wants to punish us he wouldn’t mind to kill all of us. but he still have hopes in ruling libya again

Wednesday 23/02/11 (5)

“I haven’t been out today I slept and still need more hours to make up the lack of sleeping. so, I had to sneak out to a friend who lives near the centre sq. to get informed. this morning 2 tanks and 18 military Nissan Tundra plugged with anti air fighters. and 20 Tayota station with many buses full of pro gheddafi protesters. invaded our town brought national tv made interviews with those ppl as locals they were saying we are with gheddafi bla bla and then they pro gheddafi demo finished but they were replaced by soldiers and the tanks stayed with the tundra military cars.. nobody of the locals protested but there was some clashes

add for yesterday: last night the militia invaded the medical centre arresting everyone there the volunteering doctors and even the injured ppl in Mustawsaf Abu shusha. Tajoura centre.”

Wednesday 23/02/11 (4)

“i wish my eyes can record stuff i will show alot to the world! but what’s sure if we made it alive through this i have so much to tell for my grandchildren .”

About news reports:

“only the eastern side. they managed to some weapons ..therefore militias ran away ,, and also some of the army sided them. unfortunately in here.. we don’t have nothing to resist it’s like war now.. we protest chant hang our flags block streets.. they shoot we throw stones.. we burn tyres they come close we run away they kill some . someone tells gheddafi it’s not a game!”

Wednesday 23/02/11 (3)

“we are not wating for anyone to liberate us. but we didn’t expect the USA to answer like that.. we just want a warn or something that makes this crazy dictator stop killing all atleast he has no honour killing women and children tfooo at him!”

Wednesday 23/02/11 (2)

i could take some vids and pix for yesterday but before that shit happened because i couldn’t have time for it i was throwing stones and running. gheddafi that bastard KILLED innocent women for what for being in her balcony!! nobody wants to kill except him.. i’m really angery that some ppl still fooled by him

“those who are outside of libya have had spoken against gheddafi long time ago must of them were a victims and their families had been killed by this criminal he even sent ppl to murder them there. i for myself will not live in libya if we lost it. i would seek asylum to anywhere. i’d get arrested anyone among the thousands yesterday there would be some hiding gheddafis bastards many took pictures.. but i dont give a fuck anymore we win or die as Omar al Mukhtar said if i didn’t die i’ll fled ..let this bastard live in here alone ..i’m so so so sick of what i’ve seen of him”

Wednesday 23/02/11 (1)

sorry no to update it’s been a busy BLOODY day

We went out to gather in the city centre as usual with cleaning for the night before mess and organising to help people with food blood donations and everything else. hanging our real Independence flag everything seemed calm people went to pray Maghreb( sun set prayer) in the same time Gheddafi was speaking.

What happened next is people of whom are Gheddafi security men and rest of them got paid ) went out right after gheddafis speech removing the barricades we already set to block the streets and to protect our city .. and they were chanting for gheddafi ..some of us went their way to return everything in it’s place they run away leaving their cars which wasn’t attack or burned but it was parked in the same roads and used as barricades. However, After an hour or so a bloody militia which is 100% Libyans(not african mercenaries like the last time) and consists of many female fighters having military cars with machine guns plugged came shooting at us we resisted with stones we burned some tyres to block them but that never worked and we had to run most of us made it a live in some places nearby it was dark they can’t see us they were shooting everywhere to see where were we hiding.

but a poor guy who is well known he has mental disorder( i can’t tel but he’s not mentally well) he has been always smiling to ppl he was there he was happy but they got him they fired at him 9 times!! 3 females killed him and danced on his body chanted for gheddafi. we were 10 we couldn’t handle it we were crying and we know if we went out we will get killed we don’t have nothing to defend with …we felt like pussies we watched a crime against a poor guy which didn’t understand the situation he can’t think..he thought they would never shot at him.. he didn’t leave his place he was the only man stayed at his place and died. they (gheddafi militia) burned dow our flags threw tear gas everywhere we had to back off we decided to go home but some kept fighting with them. after that we have heard today that he wasn’t the only victim a whole family was in their car were killed by the same militia..last night. I’m afraid some of our guys have already gave up we can’t win We are all ready to die but we don’t want to die for nothing.

Tuesday 22/2/11 (3)

A massacre took place yesterday when mourners tried to head to cemetry of al andalusi in tajoura. Snipers shot at them and those who fall down in streets ppl couldn’t get them until late night because snipers were ready to shoot anyone dead bodies were left in street for hours Aljazeera has annoused this thanks to those who spoke to aljazeera. World PLEASE ACT NOW!! We need actions not words. We are figting but we defo gonna lose it as they have fighters in the skies and everything in the ground. Now it’s calm apart from ssome helicopters in and out the city but they migh attack us at any point I beg media ppl and every one in the world to speak out it’s just gonna Giva us power and increase our moral stamina must libyans know ppl in the world can’t really push their governments however we will be happy to hear ppl in the world holding soldarity campaigns and we are not left alone to die

Tuesday 22/2/11 (2)

Blood donation has started in tajoura please if you can do it pls head to abu shusha التبرع بالدم يا ولاد اللي ليلحق واللي ما ياخدش في أدوية

Tuesday 22/2/11 (1)

Gheddafi why don’t you fuckin NUKE us and thats it? take the fucking OIL!

why don’t u just do it ? I’m feeling weak helpless ..I’m crying not because I’ve seen death passing infront of my eyes for the second time in cpl of days. not because if i didn’t move in 3 second i’d receive that bullet in my chest but i’m crying because I’ve witnessed the biggest genocide in the entire History .. because I’ve seen women crying babies scared ..because you made my mom hug me and cry before i leave home and when i get back i find her shacking and crying that i might not come home again instead of usual smile .. because you made my sister to go trough that and to close her door with a letter outside saying..i was born in 1997 i lived until today please don’t kill me. am crying because i can’t do no fuckin thing to stop this crazy evil i’m crying because we had to gather in our streets to the late nights not to guard our houses but infact waiting to get killed ..but i promise you..we will never back down!

.i’m so sad many ppl died today .. a girl i know who has been married for 1 year got widowed like few hours ago.. thanks for fuckers for shooting her husband in the head 😦

Monday 21/2/11 (5)


Urgent!! Ppl in tripoli and tajoura stay away from open area stay away keep behind Walls!! And cars even if there IS no body in your area. If you here a gunshots try to cover 2 bullets just missed us and it came from scay there is shooting but like 10 mins from here. I don’t have Arabic please some on write it in Arabic. Inna lilah wa inna ilayhi rajeoon. They r killin everyone!!”

Monday 21/2/11 (4)


Urgent!! Please tell the world to do somthing to stop this crazy criminal 30 mins ago he sent his mercenaries to our town which is just20 min east tripoli they killed anyone in streets they shot a women in the head because she was in her balcony please it’s literal massacre we don’t have nothing to defend please speak to the world today they want to burn Down tripoli .. Please we can’t talk to media .. I beg all ppl to stop this massacre this might my last update we are going to defend our women and children with our bare bodies. God bless Libyan ppl. Many are dying every second. May Allah have mercy on all of us

Monday 21/2/11 (3)


Ehi looks like we’ve celebrated bit too early 😦 they ain’t given up we gonna fight more for democracy 😦 we r just protesting and chanting we want freedom we want to stop the massacre yesterday was a nightmare they were shooting at ppl one young man died I envy him he died for freedom we gonna call the main sq after his name in here.

Sunday 20/2/11 at 22:45 (2)

Thanks ppl I’m fine but it didn’t end yet. We will win sorry I don’t have connection to update

Sunday 20/2/11 at 22:42 (1)

Allahu Akbar …. We liberated our city of the criminal mentally challenged it was a literal massacre unfair war I’ve seen ppl die infront my eyes blood everywhere … We r celebrating in the city center I’m crying like lil baby. Thanks for all who asked about me



The Martyr Yahya (note: the text is written in blood)

 That was our very first weapons writing against gheddafi

The first martyr in tajoura this place was named after him. The martyr Issa!

"Revolution" flag flying

Down with ghedaffi your place is here


"Benghazi in our hearts"

 This is the small one couldn't get the machine gun bullet it way larger I'm thick about guns and bullet tho

The flag that was destroyed by mercenaries.

2 bodies were just entered tried :(

Anti-Gahdaffi slogans painted over.

Anti-Gahdaffi slogans painted over.

Anti-Gahdaffi slogans painted over.

Anti-Gahdaffi slogans painted over.

Anti-Gahdaffi slogans painted over.

Anti-Gahdaffi slogans painted over.

Anti-Gahdaffi slogans painted over.

 You can see the cars (Red and white one.. this is full of armed soldiers heading to that point.. lucky we weren't on that road!!

this is the safest way out of here

this is the safest way out of here

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