The Madness of King Charles

What’s the difference between Charlie sheen and Colonel Gadhaffi?

One is prone to long rambling statements and likes strafing runs and dropping bombs, the other is Gadhaffi.

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to controversy, from shooting girlfriends to his stint as a 9/11 “truther” he seems to attract the crazy. However his recent escapades have reached Gary Busey and Mel Gibson levels. Fresh from his stint in Rehab, Sheen appeared on the Alex Jones show where he made possibly the greatest statement ever:

having poetry in my finger tips. Most of the time I’m an F-18, bro’ — I’ll destroy you in the air

Fuck you Air Force!!

Whether he possess the ability of flight is unknown, however his ability to piss off the people who write him checks is known. Describing creator and writer of ‘Two and a half men’ Sheen ranted:

I have defeated this earthworm with my words — imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists?

Then he got anti-semetic. Naturally CBS weren’t too pleased that Sheen attacked the one person who is making them money (Lorre does after all produce ‘The Big Bang Theory’ too) So they canned the rest of series 8.

So in response Sheen demanded a pay rise… You can see his logic there.

He then appeared on Piers Morgan show, ironically, the more drugs you consume the better it is, where he did raise some interesting points.  Such as “You can smoke cigars in the show, but not cigarettes in private, you can drink drink drink on the show but don’t get drunk personally” I can see his point,  Charlie in ‘2.5 men’ is basically Charlie in real life, he’s known as a “Bad boy.”

Medical experts are trying to work out whether he’s still as high as a paper kite, suffering Bi-polar (He calls it Bi-WINNING) or it’s some suppressed childhood trauma, but personally I think he’s just Charlie Sheen


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