So I’ve been rather quiet of late, not to worry I’m not dead. Put simply I ended up with a Job, which in the interest of not wanting to be fired I will not bore you to death with. So much has happened, Charlie Sheens torpedo of truth missed the mark and just like in Red October, caused the destruction of the firer.

I have enjoyed the current season of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, the first season was a mix of Rome and 300 but with Lucy Lawless and John Hannah (Who again held the show together.) Although it is weird listening to his lament that “The gods have once again rammed Cock in fucking Arse” then 30 seconds later tell me about the offers the Cooperative have. Watching it in a half awake state must be brilliant “Jupiters Cock, now half price at the co-operative, good with food”

With this season gone is the perpetually moody Spartacus and more surprisingly the Moody Doctore, instead he smiles. The series has charted how Hannah and Lawless became ruthless calculating killers (A story arc that took all of 30 seconds) it answered why Crixus and lawless were banging like it was a Russian space station and why Doctore became the moody pissed of character we love. It’s been a roller-coaster that probably will be ruined in season 3 with Hannah gone.

Another TV Gem has been Showtime’s ‘The Borgias’ although a proper review will be posted next week. As for everything else, being out the house for 13 hours a day has limited my life but stay tuned


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