The Prodit…Prodi…The son returns

It’s been a busy few months, apparently to function in the western world you need some “money.”

And since I’m not a bank I have to earn it, Although like a bank it comes from the government. So in effect my “social” life has as much chance of survival as Ryan Giggs’ marriage. It’s been ages since I’ve had the telescope out (Thus depriving me of the excuse to buy a new one) and as for university work, well that promptly hit the skids. However a small blessing is on the horizon for you see thanks to some clever work-arounds, a pissed off union and a schedule I’ve managed to bag  4 days off next week before the madness of may starts. Add into the equation a small chance to quit and concentrate on the Degree and it’s looking up.

The only draw back to this small break is that I shall be turning another year older, (Although god help me how old I am since I can never remember) But the prospect of 4 days not doing the job I endure it a larger bonus.

More soon


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