I come to bury News of the World, not to praise him

last updated 22:57 08/07/2011

The News of the world is dead, long live the…. er Sun on Sunday. Yes the Hacking scandal has finally reached the 2nd act climax, the embattled News international organisation did what everyone expected and finally acted.

In scenes that echoed of Napoleon’s farewell to the Old guard, News internationals boss Rebekah Wade (Of hitting Ross Kemp in the face fame) proudly stood in front of the journalists of the News of the world and announced a resignation……. theirs.

While everyone was glad that the News of the World has been sent into the gutter (or as far as one can get into something they already inhabit)  one of the now unemployed  journo’s remarked that “Murdoch has sacrificed a newspaper to save one woman,” In effect he did, while every person either victim or indignant fool eager to get his 15 seconds of fame has come out in joy that was last seen around a toppled statue of Saddam Hussein. However let’s not get carried away.

Murdoch is many things, tyrannical, powerful but he’s a shrewd businessman, the NotW may be dead but it will be back granted it will have a nice new “sun”ny name and feature the hard hitting news of which the smartest stuff is said by bekki 29 from Essex who manages to channel Shakespeare and Voltaire (which to Sun readers remark “who’s he signed with, City?”) Murdoch came to the conclusion long ago that the Screws needed to be cast off like the fat guy from Survivor or the Boring one from Big Brother, this scandal has given him the method to get rid of a money black hole. With the NotW gone he can speed up his already progressing plans to merge the Sun and NotW now without the cancer of the hacking threatening to kill this idea.

It’s not so much Murdoch sacrificed one paper to save one woman. It’s more he took one paper turned it into a oily rag then set it on fire to hide the fact he has an oily rag. This method is also currently been passed around the NotW office as “Brooks farewell gift” her being the rag.

However there is a bigger turd in the gutter that is looking a bit suspicious with reports tonight that the Sun may now face investigation over hacking allegations when a certain person was in charge. While we mocked Tony Blair for being Teflon Brooks must be made of lubricant.


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