Doctors hail first spine transplant

Doctors this week hailed the first human spine transplant as a success  after the recipient made his first outing in public.

Edward Samuel Milliband, 47 from London underwent the procedure earlier this week but has only recently emerged from

Mr Milliband before (left) and after the operation (right)

rehabilitation. His closest friends say it’s a Life saving Miracle with one remarking “We expected him not to last much longer”

Mr Milliband lost his spine in September 2010 after a tit for tat family feud. His Brother, David Milliband is still in intensive care with multiple knife wounds in the back. While his recovery is remarkable, doctors have advised him to take it easy for now and only use it if there is other support available.



One thought on “Doctors hail first spine transplant

  1. Jackie July 9, 2011 / 6:56 pm

    Can they also replace his balls with a bigger pair?

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