“You Provide the bombing and I’ll provide the hate”

Another tragedy has once again galvanised the press into action. As mentioned here and here the media love a good personal drama, especially when they can fit it to their main narrative. Take for example the debate over who perpetrated yesterdays attacks in Norway. While the Norwegians were keeping quiet over the identity of the culprit confusion started after reports emerged that he was in fact Norwegian then came a statement from a small time terror group claiming responsibility. Now figure this out. What get’s the most attention, is it A) Domestic terrorism or B) International “Muslim” terrorism.  If you said A then you need to go back to journalism school.

While the statement from the terror group is what is classed as “an epic troll” of which Annonymous or Lulzsec can only dream of, the news spread like a norovirus on social networks such as Twitter, with the news getting more and more anxious to keep a rolling story fresh they then repeated this. The worst culprit being BBC news for a change.

9/10 Journalists can't tell the difference

The News media is having a rather bad time at the minute, it’s reputation is in tatters and in the social media age the early morning papers are more History book than News. Between clarifying facts and print deadlines, by the time they hit the shelves the information within is out of date. However those bold intrepid reporters at the Sun played it right and while other papers were focusing on the human aspect, mainly shock and sadness they loudly proclaimed on the front cover “Al-Qaeda Massacre” Which is pipped to second place as “Worst headline of the day” by the mails main story of “Animal-Human Hybrids”

This brings us to the main point. With Muslim extremists on one side and the far right looking for any old excuse to shout that it was the Muslims, at what point to does the press begin to play a part.  Luton Mosque was attacked last night with the EDL keen to leap onto this opportunity for a few cheap shots. What made this worse was the rather poor timing by a group known as “ZHC” to “Hack” the EDL fan page and print personal details onto it of their members. When it comes to acts of barbarism, it’s always nice to know that the Media, the far right and the “Anti-Fascists” all show humanity. And ratchet the hate to 11.


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