They used me to sell their papers, I said no no no.

Amy Winehouse has been found dead today, she was 27. Now I’m not much of a fan of her music. Infact most “popular” music irritates me, it is for the most part bland, devoid of soul and is always ust some pretty boy singing about a girl or someone singing about how they have “loads o’ ho’s”

However Amy had a terrific voice that has produced rather a few poor imitations. some did quite well others failed spectacularly. However more than likely she’ll be remembered for her problems and not her music. While her version of “Valerie” pretty much blew the original out of the water her battles with drink and drugs were all that was in the papers. Papers which now will be lamenting the loss of a “talented singer” while completely neglecting the fact they hounded her mercilessly until the day she died.

Case in point is the Sun, today’s story is doing exactly that. Calling her troubled and it being a sad day, yet not one week ago they ran a story about her sending “Sex texts” to her ex, with comments about her from “readers” which are pretty cruel even for the internet. Yet tonight they are all in the same vein as “RIP angel”

The next few days are going to be unbearble.


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