Brings a new meaning to “Highest Office”

One of the biggest punchlines in Politics is Bill Clinton’s world famous ” I didn’t inhale” reply to allegations of Drug taking as a youngster.  In fact it polled just ahead of the one about two politicians debating and one says to the other “You’re lying” and the other says “I know but hear me out.” There seems to be this illusion that before politicians became politicians they were either “doing an honest days work from 6 Am to night for a pittance of pay” or they were working for some big multinational. They seem to be in denial that they had a past and to suggest something like drug taking would be political suicide….or would it?

Take for example Louise Mensch, yes ok she’s a conservative, but you have to admire the way she handled the rather pathetic attempt at deflection by a group calling themselves “David Jones investigative Journalists” who I suspect are based in an office in Wapping somewhere. Who sent an email both to Mensch and to a few hacks in other places, not to mention senior conservatives and probably to a few others. In it the email alledges that:

  • Mensch was seen Taking drugs in the company of violinist Nigel Kennedy at Ronnie Scott’s in Birmingham “including dancing on a dance floor, whilst drunk, with Mr Kennedy, in front of journalists”.
  • Writing a novel “of a sexual nature” on her EMI work computer during working hours, leading to EMI terminating her employment.
  • In the resulting novel, basing a character on her line manager Roger Lewis, and making “derogatory references” to this character.
Now…. there was a spate a few years back when half of the cabinet admitted to smoking it but they did so in the usual “Oh I didn’t like it” or the “it was a mistake” preachy Parable way. However Mensch didn’t. Her reply was pretty blunt, along the lines of  “and which time was this drug fueled dance, I was 20 there were a lot” in fact her only apology was to the journalists who had to endure watching the dancing. Well that’s the gist.
Now I’m not easily impressed by politicians when questioned about their private lives but that was a pretty classy move, not only did she answer the allegations in a pretty funny and honest way but she ruined the bait that was placed for a scoop by the type of low life that spends his days thinking this s**t up. And to be honest, at the end of the day, if you’re at university then there’s a high chance you’ve dabbled a bit. And if you claim you didn’t you either spent all day in your room.  Or are lying.
End of the day a politician is a person, they’re not some uptight prim and proper person, they’ll swear, drink, take drugs and get laid.  Pity more couldn’t admit to being more human.

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