Now I just need to wait for it to arrive

Dear Mr Smith

I am pleased to confirm that you have satisfied the requirements for the Certificate in Natural Sciences of the Open University.

You’ll find the details of the work that went into this qualification set out in the Diploma Supplement for it. That document provides the evidence of your qualification, especially until it is formally conferred on you and the certificate is printed.

If you are unsure whether your acceptance of this qualification will prejudice your further OU qualification options, please contact an educational adviser at your regional (in England) or national (in Ireland, Scotland or Wales) centre or the Qualifications and Ceremonies Centre at Milton Keynes on +44 (0) 1908 653003 or by email at Otherwise, this qualification will be formally conferred on you in absentia at the next meeting of Congregation.

Once your qualification has been conferred on you, your certificate will be printed and sent to you at the address on your student record. You will then be entitled to put Cert NatSci (Open) after your name.

Colleagues in our Alumni Association would like you to know that you have automatically become a member. This is a free way of keeping up to date with developments at your university and in your subject area. You will shortly receive a welcome pack with details of the benefits and services to which you are entitled as a member.

You may be interested to know that our students’ association, OUSA, sells a wide range of prestigious OU branded commemorative gifts. Their webshop can be found at 

Finally, please accept my warmest congratulations on the successful outcome of your Open University studies for this qualification.

Yours sincerely,
Vicki Smith
Head of Credit, Qualifications and Ceremonies


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