For once teens and Cox doesn’t result in a knock at the door.

It’s that time of the year again when 1000’s sit around to see whether they will go to university or end up being plastered on every newspaper in the land crying their eyes out (Unless it’s the express then the blonde with the boobs will be on it)

What has been a surprise is the so called “Cox-effect” and I know that’s the proper name because the guardian, BBC, Channel 4, and every other news outlet used it. The cox effect is a bit like the “Sagan effect” or the “apollo effect” before it, when young people influenced by the media or a global event decide they want to be part of it. Which is why Science has enjoyed a rather large growth in popularity with students. (Although I think I had a mix of the SaganCooperFeynman effect.) While these people played a large contributing factor there was one more.

Usefulness, when I decided to go from social sciences to real sciences it was in the middle of the financial collapse, I knew that employers weren’t going to need someone to do 2000 words on the causes of the American revolution. However STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) are in high demand and open a variety of doors, Added to that the fact it’s the OU and it should make my CV look very nice indeed and the interviews would be good “Oh how do I manage my time? well enough to get a FT job and a Degree” And more importantly as mentioned on Cox’s facebook, some of them return the favor and go into teaching, for it is better to be taught by someone who loves the subject than someone who only did it to get into teaching in the first place.

STEM is in demand and the government has already ring fenced the budget, with investment and some support the UK might regain some pride and once again be at the forefront of innovation and learning. And not a training ground for riot police.

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