National shock at bloody obvious

Psychics, the bastion of schedules on Living TV Sky Living from Scouse Derek Acorah shouting fanny loves dick to a bemused Yvette Fielding to Scouse Derek Acorah channeling “John” while a caption reads “Nobody called John lived here”

Let’s face it they’re not channeling anyone….or are they. This week the Guardian ran a story that was promptly picked up by everyone that on Monday September 12, 2011, a date that will live in infamy, Sally Morgan “britains best loved psychic” was receiving messages from the other side. Granted the other side was a wooden wall to a guy in the back funneling her information through an ear piece.

According to Chris French, editor of Skeptic magazine and Professor at the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit, University of London, there are two categories of psychic: con artists who manipulate their audiences and those who genuinely believe themselves to be gifted in some way.

Techniques in the former category include cold and hot reading. Cold reading is the ability to make such vague, leading statements that they could apply to anyone. Called the Barnum Effect, after the psychologist P T Barnum.

Hot reading, on the other hand, involves mugging up on your audience first, for example by listening to conversations in the foyer about which deceased relative they’re hoping to meet on stage later.

It appears that this time she employed hot reading and more than likely had someone in the Foyer eavesdropping on what people were saying. Presumably they didn’t hear “I’m a gullible fool I just spend £30.00 on a ticket”

Sadly at the end of the day the revelation of Morgan being a fraud won’t deter her fans who are willing to pay £30 a shot and £1.50 a minute to listen to her channel the dead.


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