As if the voices of millions cried out “This sucks” and were silenced.

If there is one thing guaranteed to irritate millions it’s Facebook changing something. As I wrote on the very first post on this blog ever:

“Facebook has undergone 1 radical change and the mouth breathers immediately began to protest with around 800,000 joining the 800,000 different groups protesting about the new change. An number dwarfed recently when Facebookdared to make the news feed simpler with a whopping 1,314,647 members,then again Poo has over 3000, yes the love of all things scatological has over 3000 people commenting on how soft and mushy it can be, and their favourite kind (for the record, nice and hard, minimal wiping,)”

Well this week Facebook did it again. They introduced top posts, put simply you select a post as a “top” one then it finds similar and puts them at the top of the news feed. This sounded quite good, all they really did was merge the “most recent” and “top posts” onto one screen. However that didn’t sit well with people who can’t grasp the concept of “no pay, no say” who then proceeded to shout and scream at the redesign. Now changing the privacy settings is a genuine reason to kick off but making it easier to find stuff that interests you isn’t. The option is simple, if you don’t like it then don’t use it. Farmville can work off facebook so take it elsewhere.

It is worth noting however that I have unmarked all my top posts and “closest friends” list is now empty. It seems in the grand scheme of things, finding things plays second fiddle to the Obsessive Compulsive disorder that manifests itself when the news feed isn’t in chronological order.

Facebook is scheduled to release what may be the biggest upgrade yet with the introduction of the “Timeline” this is a complete redesign of the profile page, basically you can add anything you want into it from the day you were born. You can see posts made back when you started (for me May 2007) all the events in that year with the option to add more.

While this will ultimately piss off more people, I won’t be one of them. I already have it and more importantly.

I bloody love it.


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