Neutrino 2: electric boogaloo

Last night I posted a quick article on the results from the CERN/OPERA experiment and the analysis that showed that Neutrinos had broken the speed of light. I referenced quite heavily an article I read by John Costella in which he argued that the uncertainty is more like 61ns and not what the OPERA team said.

Early this morning Costella posted up a new paper in which he retracted his findings. While the OPERA results could still go either way (There are still many unanswered questions) what struck me was the conclusion which is posted here in full:

The “blunder”, the “embarrassing gaffe”, is mine and mine alone. I am happy to wear that
ignominy: the OPERA result—if its estimates for systematic errors withstand scrutiny, and if it is
subsequently confirmed in future experiments—would arguably be the most important discovery in
physics in almost a century. Looking stupid is a small price to pay if it brings us closer to determining
whether such a monumental outcome is real or imaginary


The full retraction is found here.


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