S207 a preliminary look

S207 is now well and truly underway. After reading book 1 in one sitting, a rather gentle introduction if there ever was I’ve now started on Book 2, describing motion.

Now my main criticism about S104 was the rather wishy washy way it dealt with everything. Not explaining some complex parts at all and then over complicating the simple things. Take for example this section:

“Consider the following problem. A vehicletravels at a velocity vx = 12 m s−1 for 4 s. By how much does its position change over that interval?”

Now you know straight away that the answer is simply 12 x 4, but let’s see how the course book works it out:

“However, for our present purposes it is more instructive to work from the definition of uniform velocity (Equation 1.5), which may be rearranged by multiplying both sides of the equation by
(t2 − t1) to give x2− x1 = vx(t2− t1).
This tells us that the change in position during a given time interval is equal to the velocity multiplied by the time interval. So, a vehicle which travels at a constant velocity
v−1x= 12 m s over a time interval ∆t = 4 s will change its position coordinate by ∆x = 48 m.”

Or in laymans terms,  12 x 4.

I’m living in hope that this isn’t a recurring theme and that it does eventually feel more like a level 2 course and not a GCSE coursebook. While motion isn’t exactly that interesting it does form the spine of the rest of the course and if it’s going to be another case of over complication (much like the equation section in S104) then it’s going to be frustrating to complete.

I still haven’t begun to do the work for MST121 but I hope it’s not the same.


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