In which Twitter pisses me off.

Twitter, everyone has it and every show has their generic presenter robot announce “Or you can tweet us on Twitter @” (Or in the case of Question time has an actually robot presence on Twitter) it used to be such a nice place.
However with the advent of X-factor and the fact that Facebook continues to roll out “improvements” much in the same way losing your head would be an improvement on your height, most of the devotees of the offal of X-factor now loiter in the virtual bus stops proclaiming their love of it.

When I started on twitter, like everyone else I didn’t get it. However it soon became a place to contemplate the deepest mysteries of life such as “what was the biggest blunder of WWII” or “Just how much humor does an airport authority have” now it is just a place to bitch about something some Canadian he/she did that has no relevance on anything.

Trending topics used to be a glimpse at what the nation was talking about, thus providing the answers to 8 out of 10 cats but not answering the greater question “Why does this show suck now?” When the riots happened it was the best place to get the news before the News got it and turned it arse side up.  Now the news is normally at the bottom of the topic list behind “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 (Sponsored link) or “JUSTIN WIPED A SNOT FROM HIS NOSE!”

There was a time when this inane horse**** was confined to one part of the internet. Funnily enough it too consisted of profiles with Stars and moons in peoples names, and those awful oh if I take this photo in the dark with my head pointed down it shows my moody soul. It was called myspace. It was like a containment zone for the stupid. Then Murdoch bought it and it died.

Another reason why he should be on trial at the Hague


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