Gadaffi and the New Libya.

Gadaffi’s death was undoubtedly a turning point in the Libyan civil war. Died with him were 4 decades of suffering, misery and oppression. There was no doubt that when he was captured hiding in a sewer drain he wouldn’t see the end of the day, no way would he survive his capture and there was little surprise when he ended up killed.

NTC claimed he had been killed in “crossfire” between his captors and loyalists. Slowly the videos and images emerged. One showing Gadaffi bloodied but very much alive, then his lifeless corpse, blood oozing from his face. Then it got more disturbing, footage of him being sodomized with a metal object, a video showing him being beaten and finally with a pistol to his head, conveniently when his body was on show the head was tilted covering the area the gun was pointed at. It turns out the manner of his death summed up his entire rule on Libya, painful and cruel.

Many will argue that Gadaffi deserved to die, however I disagree. Gadaffi should have been kept alive, placed on trial and allowed to speak. What would he have said though, it’s pretty certain that there would be ranting, but what about the meetings with Blair, Oil deals, Lockerbie and the murder of Yvonne Fletcher.

With the announcement that Libya will be run in accordance with Shariah, and the spate of murders as scores are settled, Libya is at a dangerous crossroads, Libyans fought hard for this, and it would be a crime if they were pushed one way without a say. The announcements made during the official declaration of liberation raised a few eyebrows both in the wider world and in Libya. One person on Facebook remarked that:

“First Abdul Jalil is not the one who should change or add rules, it’s not [part] of his powers. He was aperson that we agreed on for temporary period until we get a constitution that we vote on then political parties.[The]thing is islamists are pushing on him and they have been supported by qatar and got [have] power on the ground. Most people are afraid to oppose someone [who] talk about religion. I’m afraid we are not free yet from police/military dictatorship to people speaking with religion dictatorship .

I and many will go with a liberal government. and others with Islamist. It depends but I will accept the elections and what most of the ppl vote for, even if i don’t like it. If you can follow my arabic status it’s all about these since days I went out for freedom .and that means freedom for all ..including libyan jews.

The 4 wives thingy is rather silly to mention it in such a speech and most women don’t agree on it and it won’t happen in real. i think Abdul Jalil was trying to convince islamists that he will not go secularist as they keep saying. However, it can’t happen [the]thing is we DON’T HAVE ANY POLITICAL GROUND! it’s really hard there r alot of ppl trying to force their view with force ..some coprruted ppl with their money some islamists has been given money and power from qatar and wants to push themselves in. and you got large number of youths who doesn’t really know what’s politics and dont really care to learn. I’m rather pissed since we made it into tripoli because many incidents happened (jew thingy. fashion show and also sufi’s temple being destroyed) I want a democratic state which respect everyone’s views”

His declaration was carefully planned. To be seen as too secularist would mean alienating people, being too religious would alienate the western nations that helped remove Gadaffi. These are tough times for Libya, times that do not call for too much western interference, because we all know how that ends.

Libya is suffering a complete collapse of the government there is very little power amongst the politicians and in a country that is- now Gadaffi is dead- tribal there is a real risk that unchecked there is a potential for a Somalia type failed state.

Libya must choose it’s own path, however with so much at stake there are too many vested interests for this to happen. Western governments want a friendly face in charge, Saudi Arabia, Quatar and other big muslim countries will want friendly governments in charge and there is no Doubt Iran will have a hand in there somewhere.

However I believe the UK should stand back and take stock before it ends up throwing its lot in with killers and thieves. And for once, let the people decide.

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