A little bit of History repeating?

For those who don’t know my first foray into higher education wasn’t the best. In fact it reminds me of a line from ‘Animal house’ “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.”  If anything the whole “university for all” plan our previous government introduced suffered one major flaw, that those who came from a vocational background could find it difficult since there is less emphasis on completing essays and examinations.

Since I struggled and since the support offered wasn’t the best, and since the University decided respected and brilliant lecturers weren’t as good as newly qualified ones who spent more time on facebook and obsessing on the Nazi’s than teaching. I did suffer. Frankly getting 270 credits was a frigging miracle.

Like I mentioned the other day my interest in Science has waned slightly and after evaluating everything and looking at the job market I’m contemplating transferring those credits to another institution and counting them towards that. Since the modules were history and politics that makes Science out as an option.  Ideally I would like to continue with the History since it was always enjoyable and turned up some gems. So as it stands I’m going to go to the OU at the end of the month and see if I can put the £400 I got back into use.

Even If I complete it. I’ll have a Degree and a certificate, should stand me in slightly better stead.

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