Did you hear the one about the Union?

Jeremy Clarkson is no stranger to controversy, when he’ not mentioning lorry drivers murdering prostitutes between gear changes or slamming the Mexicans for being a bit lazy, he can be found in the pages of the Daily Mail with a bevy of women who aren’t his wife.

It comes as no surprise that his comments yesterday about “Taking strikers out and shooting them in front of their families” would rile people up. The reaction on twitter was the usual mock outrage and that clip of Stewart Lee. This normally happens, so consider my surprise when one of the largest public sector unions openly admitted they wanted to sue, have him sacked and arrested for his comments. It’s almost as if he had a new book, DVD and a Top Gear special to promote.

A day after Unisons members joined the over 2 million workers who took to the streets over pensions they decided that his comments warranted more attention than the dispute over pensions, or the prospect of over 5 years without a decent pay rise when the cost of living is shooting up and job losses.
I think Unions are a brilliant thing and they have given so much to society including a weekend, a minimum wage and workers rights. The last one in light of the chancellors recent autumn announcement is vital to preserve. However for a Union with so much to deal with to instead go after Jeremy Clarkson, a man who has carved out a role as an angry right wing nut job is misguided, stupid and a needless waste.

It’s time the unions asked their members what was really important.


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