History transfer update

So my appointment yesterday with the Open University turned into a damp squib. Not a 2 million people on strike damp squib, an actual damp squib. Finally arriving at the building I was told that the appointment had been cancelled because the advisor was off sick, and the rest were on strike.

Now I would normally have been annoyed at this but the library was open, so although I didn’t get answers to the important query, will my credits count, I still got to see what I’ll be studying and more importantly the books I need to read.

From what I gleaned even though the History department was savaged by cuts and reading the list of discontinued courses it’s obvious. However I can’t argue with the courses they still have. Even the classical branch seems interesting, however me learning Latin would be game for a laugh.  However I won’t be doing that since the 1400’s-1960’s is where it is at….well was.

Frankly I’m quite excited at diving back into slavery and the Civil war in particular.

Oh and as far as the appointment goes, I had a lovely apologetic lady talk to me and squeezed me in for tomorrow.

More soon


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