Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of AA312 total war.

As you may be aware I’m currently in the process of changing my degree from a Natural Sciences to a History one, the logic was sound, why start on a new degree when there is one sitting almost finished. Well after some careful (3 seconds) consideration I finally got sorted and I’m now registered for AA312, Total war and Social change. Although from what I’ve read it’s more social change than total war. As this is a level 3 course and one of the toughest ones in the Arts and Humanities department it’s going to consume a lot of time.

It’s been sort of rushed really, needing to be studying for the degree by August/September when the fees hike up so I get the 5 years at the old £700 for a 60 point course and not £3000 has dictated the pace. But I’ve seen the books I know the subject pretty well and the  course I did at Sunderland overlaps with the course for the inter-war years.

That being said I’ve not given up on Science, I hope to squeeze a few more qualifications out of that when I get this degree wrapped up in 1-2 years.

For a bit of preparation I’m currently reading a few books which I may review at a later time, but I’ve just finished watching “Pearl Harbor: The Day after” and frankly Roosevelt off his tits on Cocaine was the real revelation. But it was a brilliant documentary on Nat Geo or Sky anytime.


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