Peruvian Mass grave dating 1000 years discovered.

I saw this article appear on twitter but alas it’s the Daily Mail and me not wanting to give them the traffic decided to find this pretty cool story from somewhere else.

Sixty apparently sacrificed bodies were found in a 1000 year tomb in the Peruvian Lambayeque, reveals a report released today by the Lima newspaper El Comercio.

According to the archaeologists in charge, sacrifices were made presumably to pay homage to the deceased who belonged to the ruling elite of the Sican culture.

“We found in the tomb of about 150 square meters and eight meters deep”, according to the report, and is divided into two sets of remains.

In one there are dozens of headless skeletons and in another about 30 human skulls next to the remains of dogs and llamas. For experts, some killed were thrown from the top and others were sacrificed elsewhere.

At the site, located in the historic Pomac forest, rich in archaeological finds, it also had irrigation infrastructure, water wells, furnaces, metallurgy and ceramics workshops and food production areas. “For the Lambayeque Culture (Sicán) human sacrifices were not acts of savagery, but a custom of ancestor worship,” said museum director in the area, Carlos Elera. “It is estimated that there were three different times in which the remains were placed en masse,” said the resident archaeologist Jose Pinilla.

Sicán Culture prevailed between approximately 900 and 1100 in what is today is Lambayeque.

According to DNA studies done by Japanese scientists, although the townspeople was from the area, the ruling elite belonged to a line further north, on land now between the cities of Piura, Peru, and Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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