Kim Jong Il

To wake up to the news that the reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is dead is unsettling to say the least, maybe because of the nature of the place I always expected the statement to be preceded by the phrase “They levelled Seoul because..”

With the death on Saturday of Kim, North Korea is now more unstable than before. Kim Jong Un the “Great successor” is an unknown to the west and to the Koreans, he has been painted as unable to lead, leading any country at 27 would be tough let alone one like Korea. After the death of Kim Il Sung there was a mini power struggle as the military and party tried to gain as much power with Kim Jong Il as possible. With a weak leader like Kim Jong Un it will be worse.  For one he will have to prove his worth which in a militaristic state like Korea has the potential for catastrophe, a popular “arab spring” uprising is highly unlikely, despite the crippling problems in the country Kim was a demi god, an object of adoration, and the scenes in Pyongyang prove that. On the death of Kim Sung people took their own lives.

But to think the death of Kim Jong Il will somehow unite Korea is misguided. The status quo will continue. But with more players


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