Resolution redux.

Last year I made a series of Resolutions. However unlike everyone else I had a mixed bag. To recap they were

1) Not drink fosters Lager:- Complete. Never touched a drop this year.
2)Find a Job:- Done
3) Finally learn to drive:- Despite appearances this referred to Golf. Complete somewhat
4) Holiday somewhere nice: – Can’t beat Yorkshire
5) If I have a spare £1,500 buy that bottle of whiskey, then complain that it tastes a bit “five hundredy” :- Nope
6) Give up smoking :- Since I don’t smoke that’s one ticked off right away:- Complete.

So what about 2012. Well since this year is scheduled to be the last what’s the point. I suppose I could get fit, not moving at work and cheese toasties are wreaking havoc with my body, although not as bad as 2 years ago. My heart beats normally now. So there’s one there. I suppose find a better job would be a good one especially as this one is meant to end in September. Move into a new house is a deffo. And holiday remains on the list. As does the whiskey one.

We’ll see.

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